Published in platform is now LIVE and vault staking is open for $NXM and $wNXM holders!

We are delighted to announce that, after months of hard work, the platform is now LIVE and vault staking is open for $NXM and $wNXM holders!

$NXM and $wNXM holders can now head to: — where you’ll be able to choose from two innovative Vaults:

Vault A: An index of all the contracts available on Nexus Mutual.

Vault B: A lower risk strategy, staking against 20 of the safer, in demand contracts.

Enhanced Rewards: In addition to receiving Nexus Mutual rewards and any associated Shield Mining rewards, iTrust Vault users will also receive iTrust Governance Tokens ($iTG). The $iTG token is packed with utility and added value, full details of which will be published shortly.

Simplicity for Token Holders: Another core function of the application is its simple reward accrual/management system. is the first solutions builder to offer vaults based on different staking strategies to suit the risk appetite of the staker — bringing huge innovation to the DeFi insurance sector.

Easy reward collection: The platform will allow users to simply stake tokens and redeem their rewards in a “one time event”. This negates any stipulations around when to collect rewards as well as avoiding crippling gas fees, which may overshadow the value of the reward tokens.

Here is a video walkthrough of our brand new platform:

Bonus staking rewards for $ITG holders in Blue Lagoon Partnership Pool

We are also offering huge rewards to our $ITG holders who wish to stake in our Blue Lagoon Partnership Pool.

The BLPP is a single-sided $ITG-only staking pool, which is stacked with benefits:

  • Because the pool is $ITG only, there is no impermanent loss!
  • APY of 50%
  • Bonus share of 500,000 $FVT thanks to our partners

The pool closes on 24/12/21 (though you can unstake your tokens at any time) so the earlier you stake your tokens, the more interest you will accrue!

Thanks for sticking with us — the innovations and news won’t stop coming

We appreciate the IDO period was a rocky one — not just for you, but for us too! Thankfully we were able to overcome the issues presented by SushiSwap’s smart contract issues and deliver all IDO tokens in less than 24 hours. Thank you for your patience. Now $ITG is tradable on both UniSwap and SushiSwap, we can apply our full resources into continued development of our Roadmap objectives and of course, into marketing the unique solutions we have already brought to market.

In delivering a working solution on day one of our token release, we have already outperformed many projects in the space and we have plenty of news, and releases in the pipeline. Onwards!

About seeks to improve efficiency and usability in the DeFi Market. Maximising cover capacity and accruing token rewards for stakers in the DAO; increasing the overall market value of the underlying insurance protocol.

On launch, iTrust’s unique application will offer a host of yield-maximising staking options for Nexus Mutual ($NXM) holders and crucially, wrapped Nexus Mutual ($wNXM) token holders alike. With other insurance protocols to follow.



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