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Smarter:Contracts review confirms ‘High Standard’ of iTrust’s contract auditing processes.

When we say iTrust was built to help you navigate the DeFi insurance seas safely, we mean it.

Our risk-managed vaults, providing varying degrees of risk and yield to suit your risk appetite, are a vital part of keeping that promise. For the vaults to be a success, it is vital that you, the staker, can trust our assessment of the risks associated with each contract included in them.

That’s why we hired Smarter:Contracts, renowned experts in blockchain, smart contracts and data privacy to pour over the processes we use to audit the smart contracts we include in our staking vaults.

After a number of weeks spent dissecting these processes, including a series of internal workshops between the Smarter Contracts team and dialogue with iTrust, Smarter:Contracts were able to confirm that they are “satisfied that the auditing process of iTrust is set to a high standard”.

Smarter:Contracts also provided a small number of recommendations which would help to make our processes more bulletproof. We will be implementing those recommendations over the coming weeks.

Wayne Lloyd, CEO of Smarter:Contracts commented: “We’ve been impressed by the forward thinking service that iTrust intends to offer. Indeed, as more and more businesses realise the business and economic value that can be unlocked from utilising smart contract technology it is going to become increasingly important that businesses follow iTrust’s lead and ensure the processes and procedures that govern them are as robust and secure as possible. The Smarter:Contracts team really enjoyed working with iTrust and we all look forward to supporting them as they continue to grow.”

iTrust CTO Paul Morgan commented “Our experience working with Smarter Contracts was an extremely positive one. They ensured they fully understood our business and what we were aiming to achieve and carried out a thorough review of our processes and procedures. Smarter Contracts provided constructive feedback on how these could be improved further, ensuring we have complete confidence in our smart contract audit processes and procedures.”

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