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Cake, Rage and Rotary Phones

Welcome to the 7th “It’s a Hardback Life” Newsletter!

Welcome to my latest newsletter and thank you for your interest in my work.

My recent writing can be sorted into four categories.

Writing about Medium:

Medium is a Race. And I’m Losing!

I Made Myself into a Medium Tag.

An Ode to the Highlighters of Medium

Why is the Woman in this Stock Photo So Angry? A Stock Photo Back Story.


Remember rotary phones? Call Me Maybe.

Remember magazines? The Dying Magazine Blues.

Remember the lyrics to every Carole King song you’ve ever heard? Something Tells me I’m Into Something Catchy.


God! Breasts! Christmas! Advice to Aspiring Writers

“He Exposed Himself. Can We Get Rid of this Silly Euphemism?

And Everything Else:

An essay about COVID rage. And Cake. The Great Crooked Cake Crisis

Back in the pre-COVID era, I went on a coffee date. When I asked if my date was single, he said it was complicated. It wasn’t. My Coffee Date With Bernie.

Erotic E-Books! With Something Extra.

You get extra bonus points if you read all 12 essays, but I certainly don’t expect you to. I’ll be thrilled if you read any of them.

Feedback, constructive criticism, mash notes, fan mail, accolades, and other responses are always welcome.



( Writing Coach and Medium Sherpa Roz Warren writes for everyone from the Funny Times to the New York Times. You can reach her at and buy her a cup of Hanukah coffee here.)



Essays & Humor about Library Work by Roz Warren

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