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David Bowie, Meth, and Amy Coney Barrett

Welcome to the 5th It’s a Hardback Life Newsletter!

Welcome to my latest newsletter and thank you for your interest in my work!

My attempt to be amusing about something that is basically horrifying turned out to be one of my most popular Medium posts this week. Are You There God? It’s Me, Amy Coney Barrett

I also wrote a humor piece about how Google sees Boomers. Retire! Dance! Die! But First, Pass the Chocolate

And a love story. With Zombies! Orthodox Barbie Gets Married

Also — I shared some David Bowie Sex Factoids. David Bowie Had More 1970s Sex Than You Did

When I checked my Medium stats and discovered that 10 of my posts had earned just one penny each the day before, I decided to write about it. I Earned One Cent For Each of These 10 Stories Yesterday.

After I published this next one myself, Better Marketing picked it up! They streamlined the title, swapped out my original illustration (a photo of a cute dog) with something less idiosyncratic (and more corporate/appropriate) trimmed the piece a bit (all good edits), lopped off the disclaimer I’d included about not being paid by Muck Rack, and removed the link I’d included to my essay about Jeffrey Toobin masturbating. An interesting lesson in removing the goofiness from my work without removing any of the information or the humor. I now expect it to take off & make me a million bucks. Writers! Want a Website That’s Easy to Set Up, Looks Great, Maintains Itself and is Free?

The world may be going to hell. But we’ll always be able to rely on library patrons to use some really weird book marks. From Bacon to Meth. The World’s Weirdest Book Marks

Finally, do you think you’ll outlast me? Here’s how to find out. Want to Know the Date of Your Last Day on Earth? Check Out the Death Clock!




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