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Medium! Money! Politics! And a Ridiculous Naked Feminist Hottie!

It’s the 6th “It’s a Hardback Life” Newsletter

Welcome to my latest newsletter and thank you for your interest in my work.

My most popular recent post was a humor piece about (of course) making money on Medium. I Made Money on Medium Last Month. Yes! Money! Here!

I had a great idea for another Medium-centric humor piece — I’d pair stock photos of money with silly positive affirmations about writing on Medium. Hilarious, right? Unfortunately, I made the stupid mistake of giving it a title that didn’t signal that it was a humor piece. So very few people actually read it. (But the ones who did enjoyed it.) Make More Money on Medium. It’s Easy!

I wrote a two minute post the sole purpose of which was to see how much money a two minute Medium post could earn. How Much Money Can a Two Minute Medium Story Make?

A hilariously inappropriate statue honoring Mary Wollstonecraft, the “mother of feminism” was just unveiled in London. Stupid statue. Great material. Honoring the “Mother of Feminism” With a Naked Titty Statue? Who Thought That was a Good Idea?

What’s it like when your birthday falls on the day after the most important Presidential election in your lifetime, when the votes are still being counted, and the fate of the world hangs in the balance? About what you’d expect. I’m Feeling the Same Sense of Panic and Dread That You Are Today. And It’s My Birthday!

Why did I just buy Zoom stock? Stock-Picking Advice from a Rank Amateur.

News flash! Ferrets can help us cure COVID! Ferrets Cure COVID!

I’m still bummed out about the death of Adam Schlesinger. But I’m glad I saw Fountains of Wayne a Zillion Times.

We’re in the middle of an out-of-control pandemic. And we all long to celebrate Thanksgiving as we normally do. Around the table. With loved ones. What are we supposed to do? Thinking about Thanksgiving? Here are Two Stories You Need to Read.

All feedback, constructive criticism, fan mail, rants about the President, mash notes and other responses are welcome. I’m stuck in my house on my own! I want to hear from readers!



( Writing Coach and Medium Sherpa Roz Warren writes for everyone from the Funny Times to the New York Times. You can reach her at and buy her a cup of Thanksgiving coffee here.)



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