August 5th, 2016 — Day 2 — 399 days until the 2017 GTC

Golf is a game unlike any other in that the equipment that you use is every bit as individual to you as your game itself. Not only do people use different brands and models of Clubs and balls and other items, but everyone has a different idea of what the right setup for their game is in regards to which specific clubs to use.

In this post I will briefly run down the different types of golf equipment that I use and why they are particularly useful to me, along with different tech items that I am using. Please take note of the Zepp gold sensor listed at the bottom as this will be discussed frequently in subsequent posts as I discuss range sessions.


Driver — Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815

Last Summer, I purchased this driver. I was the first new driver I bought since my Big Bertha 2 more than a decade ago. So far, I have loved everything about this and have no complaints. (though, given the age of my previous driver, I imagine I would love anything new.) Initially I tinkered around with the adjustable features on the driver, but ultimately I didn’t like using my club to compensate for swing flaws. It seems like too much of a slippery slope. So all the setting are set to standard. Loft is at 10.5.

Hybrid — Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815 Hybrid 2.

I purchased this along with my driver last summer. I had never owned a hybrid before, and to be honest with you, never was much for carrying any woods other than a driver. I’ve always hit my 3-iron pretty well, and even carried a 2-iron for a short period. For the majority of last summer I couldn’t hit this club, didn’t know how to hit this club. didn’t trust this club. But, this summer I have spent a lot of time on this range with this and it is slowly becoming one of the clubs in my bag I am most confident with. Anything more than 210 yards out, or any drive that simply doesn’t need the distance of a driver, this is really becoming a go to club. While last summer I was feeling like buying this was a waste of money, I have since become quite happy with this purchase.

Irons — Taylor Made Rocktballz — 3 through PW

I am now on my 3rd summer with these irons and I’ve gotta say I have never considered changing. I can’t imagine an iron being more forgiving than these on the poor swing, and the good swings come off hot and crisp. The only change I’ve though about making is ditching the PW and replacing it with Cleveland that matches my other wedges. Not that I have any issue with the PW. I think it is great on full swings, but it does feel a little bit clunky on the shorter shots.

Wedges — Cleveland 588 RTX black — 50 degree and 54 degree

For me a wedge is more about visual comfort than anything. Since I started golfing I have always had Cleveland wedges or, at least, my sand wedge has always been a Cleveland. This is the look at the shape that I am comfortable with. I couldn’t imagine changing. I have, on occasion, thought about adding a 58 degree to the set, but have yet to pull the trigger. Nor, have I really felt the need. I am pretty comfortable opening up the face on the 54 degree, and I’m not sure that I could find more accuracy with a higher lofted club.

Putter — Odyssey Versa 9 White

Putters, like wedges, are all about visual comfort for me. I that regard, this putter is perfect. The black like on the white putter does a great job of helping me to square the putter up to the hole, and blade style feels comfortable and confident to me. While my putting is certainly far from top notch, I would most certainly blame the lack of effort I put forth in practicing my putting before I ever began to blame this putter.

Other Equipment

Apple Watch with Hole19 GPS app.

I usually wear my apple watch golfing. As a matter of fact, it’s just about the only time I ever wear it. The hole 19 app is very useful. I have always found the GPS to be accurate, consistently measuring within a yard of a cart GPS or a rangefinder. Where ever you are it gives you distance to the front, middle and back of the green on the watch. Additionally, if you want the distance to another spot on the hole, you can look on your phone and it gives you distance to any spot you need. The app also keeps track of score, fairways hit, greens in regulation and putts. As a bonus, it also has a social media platform with publicly displays your scores and rounds to your friends, should you choose. I only have one friend that also plays with an apple watch, but even with that I still find the score updates and such to be fun.

Zepp Golf Sensor

My new toy is a Zepp golf sensor. It is a small device that you clip to the back of your golf glove and is an extremely effective tool for making range sessions more productive. With each swing the sensor will give you information on you swing speed, tempo, club plane, hand plane, along with an overall swing score. Additionally, it will provide a 3D visual graphic of your swing. An additional feature it has, is the ability to sync with your phone’s camera, so you can video your swing and it will sync each swing with the swing stats for your individual swing. That way if you are, for example, slicing the ball, you can have visual as well as numeric data as to why you are doing that and specific changes to correct the issue.

As I log range trips along this journal or my path to glory, I will be making extensive use of screen shots and data given to me my the Zepp golf sensor.

As Always, any commentary from the audience along the way will be more than welcome. Whether that be tips & tricks, suggestions, encouragement, discouragement, or other, your feedback is always appreciated. If you are unfamiliar with writing on Medium, providing feedback is quite simple, but different. Simply highlight the portion of the story that you wish to comment on and a menu will pop up. click on the comment bubble to provide feedback. I look forward to any commentary along the way.

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