Features Comparison & 
Squarespace to WooCommerce Migration Guide

Often the revenue and prosperity of your online business depend on your choice of the platform. The richer set of tools is offered, the more ways to success open in front of your eyes. This leads to an outcome that even details matter and frequently store owners are hesitating about the solution they’ve chosen and thinking over to migrate to more comprehensive one. For this reason, we prepared something interesting to your attention. Keep calm, it’s gonna be brainy Squarespace to WooCommerce comparison and migration guide.

What’s your aim? Website builder or online store builder?

Have you ever asked yourself what you need first: a good looking website with some in built eCommerce features or advanced online store with wide range of state-of-the-art functionality? If not, this is a starting point in our comparison of Squarespace to WooCommerce.

Squarespace is a website builder that was primarily presented as portfolio and blogging platform to create and run content-based sites. Recently, basic eCommerce functionality that allows you to sell products after connecting to payment processor was added to Squarespace.

WooCommerce is a free, exceptional eCommerce plugin to the most popular world’s content management system — WordPress. This platform allows businesses and individuals to build online store from scratch or start selling goods using already existing WordPress site or blog.

Squarespace to WooCommerce features’ comparison

# Hosted vs Open-Source solution

WooCommerce is the open-source eCommerce plugin for WP that enables its users to view, modify or contribute to the code. Squarespace, contrary, is a hosted solution, that provides you with hosting and technical support for a monthly fee. There is no need to worry about Squarespace updates, they happen instantly. And, what is more to start running Squarespace site you need only to sign up.

Both platforms are easy to start with and user-friendly, WooCommerce is just a bit more challenging giving you full control over coding of your site.

# Advanced eCommerce functionality

Squarespace along with WooCommerce has all the basics to start online business. Both platforms allow you to sell unlimited products. WooCommerce has just more to offer being fully extendable with native plugins and WordPress themes and extensions.

# Pricing and extra costs

WooCommerce is free to download and use and has many free add-ons in Extensions Store. Except them, there are lots of WP plugins that works with WooCommerce. The prices for paid extensions start from $49 per one.

Squarespace has few monthly subscriptions to offer, but the lowest price for the plan that allows to start running e-store is $30 per month. There are no extra transaction fees within this Basic(eCommerce) plan.

#Payment gateways

It’s quite ridiculous to compare SquareSpace to WooCommerce in terms of payment gateways. WooCommerce is compatible with 113 payment methods, among them are free and paid extensions. Most popular — PayPal, Amazon pay, Stripe, PayFast, etc. are free of charge.

What about SquareSpace? This could sound odd, but until December 2016 SquareSpace worked with one payment gateway — Stripe. Fortunately, PayPal integration was recently introduced and met the expectations of thousands store owners. Perhaps, limitation of payment methods is one of the main reasons why store owners are switching from SquareSpace to WooCommerce?

#SEO — capabilities

Fortunately, both platforms offer more than average SEO-optimization. According to ecommerce-platforms.com WooCommerce score is 98, while Squarespace — 91 out of 100.

But comparing Squarespace to WooCommerce it’s worth to mention that the latter one is more SEO-friendly thanks to wide range of available customizations and access to source code. This plugin takes advantages of WordPress integration and many third-party apps. This never was a secret that WordPress provides unlimited SEO potential.


Both Squarespace and WooCommerce are among leading platforms in industry. They provide you with basic functionality to start your online business in few steps. Being WP plugin,WooCommerce has broader potential, much more unique features and advanced tools to offer. If you aim to strengthen your store with powerful and progressive components, it will be reasonable to switch from SquareSpace to WooCommerce. “How can I do that?”, you should ask. The answer is already here — Cart2Cart automated migration tool will fix this issue for you in couple of hours.

Cart2Cart offers you to perform automated data transfer from Squarespace to WooCommerce with no technical skills or developers help. This service will accurately and securely import your entities to WooCommerce, keeping your current Squarespace store fully available to customers. By the way, Cart2Cart offers 24/7 support in case any specific migration-related question will occur. In order to enable you to migrate successfully from Squarespace to WooCommerce, we will provide you with detailed instructions below.

How to migrate from Squarespace to WooCommerce with Cart2Cart?

Switching from Squarespace to WooCommerce with Cart2Cart is fairly easy. There are only few steps you need to follow attentively:

  1. Register a Cart2Cart account.
  2. Pick Squarespace as your Source cart, provide store’s URL and credentials;
  3. Pick WooCommerce as your Target cart, provide store’s URL. Then download the Connection Bridge, unzip it and upload it to your WP root folder.
  4. Choose what entities you want to migrate.
  5. Perform the Free Demo migration.
  6. Launch Full migration and wait for results.

If you are ready to meet your new WooCommerce store in few clicks, start Free Demo right away!