WordPress vs Static HTML

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At the moment there is talk of WordPress vs Static HTML sites and there are some great points being made. Here are mine :)

WordPress cost break down:

  • Domain $15 per year
  • Host $12 per mouth
  • Theme $60 (most feel like blogs still)
  • Paid Plugins $30 (not always needed)

Static cost break down:

  • Domain $15 per year
  • Host $0 (Github Pages or other free static host)
  • Theme $0 (Tones of themes way nicer than the WordPress themes)
  • Plugins $0 (Lots of snippets that you can find online free)




  • Admin Panel
  • Theme panel
  • Free Plugins
  • Its a CMS


  • Looks more like a blog than a business site.
  • Takes lots of money and time to make it look nice
  • Hard to optimize
  • Not easy to customize.



  • You can change everything.
  • Lots faster
  • Easy to optimize
  • With the right free template it will look amazing!


  • No admin panel
  • Its static… it can be very inconvenient

I still run my website with WordPress 😇