the grandkids I’ll never have

Image:, Nicolae Tonitza, “Three Brothers,” 1920, public domain

You never drew a single breath
I never held you in my arms
And now, dear Vera, my heart aches
I’ll never, ever know your charms

You never laughed at grandma’s jokes
I never played your silly games
Dear Chuck, we didn’t have a chance
to even say each others’ names

You never learned your ABCs
I never helped you read a book
But now, dear Dave, it’s time for me
to take a closer look

Even though I never had the chance
to know and love and hold you,
my heart is full, my mind at peace
as I embrace this life, each day anew



a place with a river

Image:, Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller, “Tree by the brook,” 1831, public domain

in my neighborhood
a tree stands for the people
proud and welcoming

the taproot digs deep
stable, solid, and secure
anchoring the tree

shallow roots spread wide
slim tentacles reach outward
capture summer rain

the trunk, straight and tall
flexes in a heavy wind
steady and grounded

its branches reach out
growing up, down, and sideways
invite birds to nest

leaves point to the sun
absorbing its energy
sheltering the earth

a tree adds beauty
to a place with a river
in my neighborhood



it’s all come to this

exploring life as it is through poetry, narrative, photography, and craft