27, 5'11.

Born in Virginia.

Studied photography in Louisiana.

Moved to San Francisco in 2012.

Have a rescue dog named Frtiz. I’ve be telling people he’s 4–5yo for the past 3 years.

Work a 9–5.

My instagram shows my 5–9.

Started trail running in 2014.

Finished my first 50miler in 2016.

I have an older, but shorter, sister, Jamie Lockhart.

I’m not good at writing intros. Hello, my name is Blair.


  • Photos, new & old.
  • Trip reports
  • Gear reviews
  • Race reviews
  • [insert topic about the GREAT OUTDOORS]

To be honest, I read this article the other day and was wondering why I wasn’t sharing more (outside of instagram).

Where are the everyday female outdoor adventurers? The weekend warriors who hold down nine-to-five jobs? These women are everywhere, but they rarely give voice to their adventures. It’s time for that to change.

So that brings me here. I’m here to share, connect, and inspire other women to get after it.

Here’s 8 photos of my face. And 1 of my older sister before she became the shorter sister.