Homelessness In America

It has to stop!


Do you ever walk around Downtown and see people on the floor asking for money?

If so, those people are labeled as homeless by our society but hey they are also humans too! I see them all the times especially in major cities in California such as San Diego, Los Angeles and San Jose. I’m from San Diego and whenever I go to Downtown, all I see is tents, shopping carts filled with plastic bottles being pushed by a homeless and people sitting on the floor with a little cardboard asking for food or money. We sometimes judge these people and jump right to conclusion that they’re just asking for money to use on drugs and alcohol. But we never think to ourselves that maybe all they want is someone to talk to or even money for actual food.

One thing we don’t realize is that all they might want is moral support, be helped by action and not by money. Have some sort of companion or a friend. We all think that America is a very rich place which in reality is one of the top wealthier countries in the world, but yet we still have this big issue of homelessness.

Why are people homeless?

There are so many reasons as to why people become homeless, and the way the government is trying to help is by building more shelters, which is good but I believe that’s not the only way they should help. The bigger problem in this is that they don’t see the cause of it in how it starts, so I believe that one of the things we have to do to be able to help and stop this, is to start looking from the beginning and do research as to why people become homeless, why are they living on the streets, why are they loosing their jobs, why do they become alcoholic, etc…

One of the major reasons we might think people are living on the streets is because of drug and alcohol, but we might be wrong.


As you can see in this chart on the left, you can tell that the highest percentage of people living on the street is because of loss of jobs which causes to loose your home. I’m pretty sure that a lot of us thought the highest reason of becoming homeless was drugs and alcohol but as you can see that is the lowest percentage on the chart.

Help for the needy

In the California Chosen for Special Federal Program to Help Ease Chronic Homelessness states that there are 136,000 people struggling in California and most of them are in need of some sort of help. I believe it is very common sense to know that none of the people living out on the streets have no health care at all, they don’t have the privilege to be able to go to a doctor whenever they are sick. Little by little there are many organizations such as the California Housing Finance Agency that helps out homeless people in obtaining a health care plan and also helping them in search of a shelter or a job.

Homeless Parents and Kids

41% of families are homeless out in the streets according to the National Coalition for the Homeless, which is very sad because it probably is mentally emotional. There are many approaches to this kind of situation, they can either take your child away from you and either take it to a close family member or put him/her into foster care which a lot of them do. Many of the homeless parent’s kids are prone to also follow their biological parents foot steps and fall in the homeless category, it is a cycle that is being followed and if we don’t stop this it will continue to happen. Which is very sad because all this kids grow up with out their biological parents which can be very tough on them.

Do we even think about those teen age girls who are being kicked out of home because of pregancy. They automatically lost all their family support and only option is to try to figure out by yourself how you’re going to live.

How can we help

So as you can see homeless in America is a very big issue that we as a society have to stop and stop judging them because they are people like us. We don’t always think that they might just want to talk to someone because they do feel alone and with no support from anyone. We just have to have compassion and help them out in any way possible from giving them food, talking to them, or giving them a couple cents (for food). We need to stop being greedy and selfish and help our people. We need our government to see this problem we’re having and make them help us as well.

We can also help by looking for shelters, and directing them to there. Old clothes and shoes that we have are very much appreciative by the homeless. I know that whenever I walk pass someone on the street with a cardboard sign I just smile and they smile back, you don’t necessarily have to give them what they want. A smile is just perfectly fine!