The Invisible War You’ve Been Recruited Into.

Have you heard?

You need to prepare yourself. I have something to tell you, and it is BIG.

You probably won’t like hearing this. So you may wish to take a seat if you haven’t yet.

Ok are you ready……..

There is a secret war going on in America between the public and the elite. As a matter of fact this war has been going on since the formation of the capitalist class.

The elite’s weapon of choice.

Don’t allow the fact that no one is holding a gun or setting landmines trick you into thinking that weapons are not being used against the public. The elite have been using one of the most subtle weapons known to mankind, and it’s propaganda. The use of propaganda enables the elite to control the public (that’s you and me), and enslave us in a prison that exists within our own minds (yea I know #Deep).

Now this is the point where I expect to be called a crazy conspiracy theorist, a nut job, or a stupid kid. But I swear I’m about to start using big words, talk all academic like, and prove that I am in fact one of the more intelligent homo sapiens that walks this earth.

The death of democracy.

In the 1980’s globalization was beginning to spread like wild fire, and this was accompanied by economic deregulation. This started the United States down the path of neoliberal ideology which legitimized the process of certain industries becoming centralized into a small number of hands. Now although there are many examples of this concept; the industry I am the most concerned with is the media.

Before globalization there was roughly 50 companies that controlled the media Americans were exposed to. But today 6 companies control about 90% of America’s media. This centralization has led to consequences that harm the very nature of our democracy.

The death of investigative journalism.

In a perfect world the media’s job would be to inform the public on important issues so that they could be informed voters. Sadly our world is far from perfect, and the media is in the elite’s back pocket; which has changed their task to maintaining the status quo.

With such a small number of people controlling the media real investigative journalism has died. The news use to challenge the status quo by exposing anything and everything the American people needed to know. Now news companies are extremely selective with the stories they cover, and even more selective with how they portray the information.

The reason for this is the elites use the media to control the dominant ideologies of our country in order to control what kind of thinking is “acceptable and normal”. One may wonder why anyone would go to all this trouble, and the answer is to trick the lower and working class in America that the ideals of individualism, capitalism, and hard work actually benefit them.

The harsh truth.

The sad reality is that America is a country that greatly benefits a small number of wealthy individuals while screwing over a much larger amount of people from the lower and working class (which is no coincidence). There is a systematic war being waged against democracy by the elites, and they are successfully turning our government into an oligarchy to support their own greedy interests.

This war has been going on unopposed for one reason; Americans think politics are boring. Our culture is more obsessed with the Kardashians than our elected government representatives (I hope you’re smart enough to know which one of these is actually important).

When you add a population that is uniformed on politics with media outlets actively working to maintain the status quo; the result is a general public with a complete disregard for the political process.

I hate to break it to you.

America is supposed to be the land of the free, the home of democracy, and governed by the people. But the reality is America has one of the lowest voter turnouts in the world. Because such a small number of Americans are involved in the political process the elite few have managed to LEGALLY promote their self interest at our expense.

The elite have gone as far as to create legal loopholes to hide their wealth abroad, and avoid paying their share of taxes. They are practically stealing money that is supposed to be getting invested into educating our youth, rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure, alleviating poverty, and addressing the countless problems our country faces. But instead a member of the elite class is going to spend it on yachts, golden shoes, and a diamond laced suit.

I hate to be the one to break it to you, but Americans need to get it through their head that capitalism is being used by the elite few to exploit the much larger lower and working class. There is a war going on between the people and the elite, and we will not get our true democracy back unless we take it back.

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