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it’s just foam

Did I Get Fat or Am I Just Not Used to “Real Clothes” Anymore?

I think I need to go to “Sweatpants Anonymous”

Photo by i yunmai on Unsplash

I broke up with my jeans a long time ago. Basically on day 1 of waking up to a state of emergency thanks to a certain global pandemic.

The moment the “work from home” edict was issued, I told my jeans that it was all them and not me. I told them to the…




A collection of first person accounts, highlighting the utter bliss and humiliation that comes from being human.

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My Followers…

In this image of a coastal area, you can see the water flowing in and out with hightide coming in, the water is sapphire blue…breaking on the rocks in the middle of the opening, swooshing around it and come together again behind the rocks…if you listen carefully you might just hear the seagulls…

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Allison Cecile

Allison Cecile

I write so that my dog can live a spoiled life of luxury || 8X Top Writer

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