it’s just foam
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it’s just foam

A Junk Food Reckoning

My brain processes high fructose corn syrup as love

A young caucasian woman with slightly messy blonde hair covering her face is smiling with an open mouth and holding a heart-shaped lollipop up to her eye. She wears a long-sleeved light red vertically ribbed sweater. There is a plain light pink background. The photo has an emotion of carefree happiness.

CW: Disordered eating.

In childhood, candy was a sweet hug. A high followed by a crash. I was an anxious kid who struggled with sleep. I craved the relief of the crash that followed the candy high. I had the sweetest of sweet tooths. Came by it naturally, by way of both sides of my family.



A collection of first person accounts, highlighting the utter bliss and humiliation that comes from being human.

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