The Best Trick to Stay Motivated All Life

I found this simple trick on Quora, the first day I was digging for answers there. It steadily kept changing my life ever since. The advise was: “Stick this on your mirror. See the magic happen.”

The graphic compares where you end up if you improve by 1% every day for a year instead of going worse by 1% every day for a year.

A simple but powerful imagination I believe.

One might argue that this sounds good in theory, but is pretty much impossible to achieve. At least if you concider improvements to be “learnings” then this would mean that a 30 year old person had to learn in one day what she learnt on average over 4 months.

But thats not the key idea here. Improvement doesn’t necessarily mean learning. Some times it’s just acting on what you learned. Of course it’s impossible to maintain that pace of learning. But here the key idea is to see how small improvements add up over time.

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