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Digital Writers: Explained in Fewer Than 250 Words

You a writer? Be smart on the internet.


The word Digital Writers in itself establishes a little context—one who writes online.

But there are a couple of nuances, or I’d rather say characteristics that make me use this word almost all the time.

And that’s the way they write.

Not quite literally though.

Digital writers are somewhat modern—they’re highly adaptable.

They know that attention span is decreasing like anything. And they’re flexible concerning this topic.

Fluff is rarely seen. If it’s a 10-minute read, they try to deliver value throughout.

That’s what my experience has been, and most likely yours too.

Digital writers are entrepreneurs. They run a startup and manage all aspects of it.

They leverage digital tools and platforms to polish and present their works.

They follow quick feedback and a feed-forward loop. Not very different from a startup trying to build their MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and find their product-market fit.

Digital writers own their readers. They have a 1-to-1 connection with them. They interact. They share BTS stuff and WIPs.

They try to be clear, and not clever. That’s why readers resonate with them. And read and connect.

I hope I added some value through this piece and you loved reading it. :)

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