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How Y’all Are Doing???

Writing after so long... just checking... will be back soon.

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I opened my Medium app after (what seems to me) a very long time. I read some great posts and then it hit me…

I haven’t written anything, or posted either, in a week or two.

The reason is that my exams are going on. So far, fabulous—I mean exams ofc!

Though I have some half-baked stories in my drafts, I don’t want to go through them and neither do I have the energy to.

That’s why I’m writing this short post.

To check on y’all. I hope you’re doing awesome.

I miss writing and reading on here, I’ll be back soon. Until then, I’m only back and forth on the platform.

In the meantime, I also read After and After We Collided by Anna Todd. I had heard a lot about it and had wanted to read it for so long.

But it was only a few days before the exams that I was dying to read it. And I did.

It was a kind of book, according to me, that if I would read a year from now, I’d probably get bored in a few hundred pages only. But I’m reading it now, and I kinda liked it.

But I’m not planning on reading the three other books of the series, cause honestly, I think it’s a little too much back and forth.

Only back and forth.

But anyways, #HessaForever. I loved it.

I’ve read these two books faster than any other books I’ve ever read. And it was a lot of fun too.

But I’ll not recommend you if you’re not a teenager. Sorry. And that’s because you may not find it as interesting. If you’ve already read it, do lemme know whether you liked it.

Anyways, that was what was happening lately. I hope to write more soon.

Until next time, bye! 👋❤️




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