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The Advice I Keep Ignoring. And No, It’s Not What You Might Think

My #1 WriteHere write-up.

Advice” written on a black background.

It’s often said that if there’s anything that’s cheapest in the market, it must be advice—cause most of the times it’s for free! Right?

When it comes to me, a 15-year-old, you can guess what kind of advice I must get. C’mon, y’all must have gotten atleast one of them at my age:

  • Go to bed on time and wake up early.
  • Eat healthy foods and avoid chaat-pakodas (latter one is India specific; it’s generally used to refer to oily, fried, or junk foods).
  • Beta, padhai likhai pe dhyaan do (Focus on your studies).

…145236 more items (unfortunately, there’s no ‘show more’ button around here, so please move on)

…but these are all clichés. Aren’t they?

Although, I ignore most of them. I’m not saying that to prove myself a rebel or some kind of a stud but because they’re pointless.

Okay, let’s not go in that direction.

Still, I’d not like to include any one of those in the honorable mention of the ultra-competitive category of ‘The Advice You Keep Ignoring’. Then who’s the winner???

So…the winner is…🥁🥁🥁...

“You can get almost anything you want out of life, as long as it’s one thing and you want it far more than anything else.” —Naval Ravikant

How true is that! Just look at it.

Coming from one of my favourite personalities out there, this sentence do hold weight for me. It’s not just random ranting but hard-hitting truth.

And still, I can’t stop ignoring it.

I still want to do everything. Achieve everything. Experience everything. Want to keep everyone happy. Want all that money, fame, power….

… 14237 more items (unfortunately, this is not expandable either. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Please move forward.)

But deep down within me I know I won’t, ever, have it all. Perfection is but an illusion. Striving for it is the journey. Enjoy the journey.

And this is making me run after a million different things all at once. This is not very different from five person pulling you from different directions. You’ll go nowhere and they’ll keep wasting their efforts.

So, yes, that’s my biggest ignored piece of advice. Although you cannot call that an advice, not atleast from a typical standpoint, as it’s not given to me personally. But because I read it in a book, and that’s my hands-down favourite, so I can think of it as such.

I hope that some other advice overthrow it as I don’t want to see it as the winner of ‘The Advice You Keep Ignoring’ category. I want to see it as a looser.

Would love to know yours. Do share in the comments below. Read more here: VRITANT. Bye!



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