Edit. Edit. Edit.

figure out what really matters by getting rid of everything that doesn’t

We are really good at accumulating and addition. Adding seems so natural. From our closets to our meals to our website designs, we just can’t help adding one more thing.

The problem is that we are so used to adding that we stop paying attention to the excess. Everything blurs together until we are left with complacency and mediocrity. So we keep adding. We keep adding until we are sick, broke and completely overwhelmed.

It’s time to subtract. It’s time to figure out what really matters by getting rid of everything that doesn’t.

Start with 5% less

Think about the time and space you could create for yourself and everyone around you if you cut 5%.

  • Send 5% less email.
  • Give away 5% of your stuff.
  • Tweet 5% less.
  • Go to sleep 5% earlier.
  • Worry 5% less.
  • Spend 5% less time plugged in.
  • Make your to-do list 5% shorter.
  • Complain 5% less.
  • Cut your spending by 5%.

5% is just enough to make a difference and give you the momentum to edit more deeply with the following recommendations.

Edit your stuff.

Do you own a tent, but haven’t gone camping in years? What about the extra set of silverware or china? Do you own more shirts, shoes and scarves than you can wear in a month? Are there items in your home that you dust more than you love? Are you paying to store anything?

What you own often owns you. You spend money, time and attention on stuff that used to matter to you but doesn’t anymore. Sell it. Give it away. Let it go so you can discover what does matter.

Edit your work.

Start by identifying what you like and don’t like about your work. If there is more don’t like than like, choose or create something else. If you like your work, but are derailed by constant distraction, cut out what you can. Check your email after 10am. Turn off your phone for 3 hours a day. Cut your to-do list in half and remove what isn’t completely necessary.

Look at the work that supports your work. Are your websites full of widgets and plugins that distract people from your message? Do you have more share buttons than relevant content? Are you spending more time trying to figure out how to incorporate a QR code than doing work that really makes a difference?

Make the necessary edits to create time and space for your best work.

Edit your relationships.

It may sound cold, but you can dramatically improve the quality of your relationships by spending less time with people you don’t like. Are you spending time with people who fill your life with drama? Do the people in your life tear you down or build you up? Do you have to prove your worth to anyone in your life?

Spend less time with those people and more time encouraging your best relationships. Spend time with people who lift you up, and then lift them right back.

Your health and happiness is completely dependent on the people who share your life. Choose thoughtfully. Love deeply.

Less really is more.

With every edit, you become more focused and intentional and the quality of your work, relationships and life will increase exponentially.

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