The BOGUS SHAM of The Gig Economy — And its Imminent Demise

Aditya Yadav
Nov 7, 2019 · 6 min read

In developed countries, high car ownership is “a trap that can sometimes prevent innovation because you have a central infrastructure that is designed for the last 10 years versus infrastructure that is designed for the next 10–20 years,” Khosrowshahi said, as quoted by Mint.

“For the newer generation, the dream is not to own a car but the freedom to have any kind of service on demand,” he added.

I really love Uber. It is a great Engineering Team besides being a Service. $2bn per year can actually buy a lot of great engineers. We respect Uber a lot.

But lets just talk of some facts… and see whats happening here…

So you want to drop your kids to school, goto the departmental store 4–5 blocks away, rush to the Club, drive to a beach, drag your boat to the shore, make out with your girlfriend in your car, watch a drive by movie, go for a joyride.

What do you do? Do you call a taxi? Really?

Also lets see how that works nowadays (i.e. hailing a taxi)…

You spend 20–60 minutes on multiple taxi apps trying to book a cab. And then finally when you manage to get one, it takes 10–20 minutes to arrive. If the drive of 30–60–90 minutes wasn’t enough. Now you have to spend another 2 hours booking taxi’s both ways collectively.

This is besides the surge (high demand) pricing which expects you to pay $60 for a $15 worth drive distance.

Reliability? Guarantees? Experience?

You have a 60–70% chance of missing your flights if you depend on ride hailing apps. They almost always cancel at the last minute. There is no reliability. There is no assurance. Its what it is for everyone — A Gig!

And there is inevitably very poor experience.

And God forbid if you take a Shared Ride!

That would simply take 1.5–2X the normal time of your journey. besides the time and frustration of booking the rides and the financial downside.

Is this what millennial’s want? A lot of people simply don’t want any of this.

It is like saying Millennial’s know better than everyone else and they want to stay in Hotels, Motels, Paying Guests and Hostels all their life’s. They want to rent their clothes, underwear, mobiles, tv’s, fridges… Nobody really should OWN ANYTHING at all.

Which is besides the point that nobody seems to be happy with such a service. Definitely not the Drivers. It has destroyed their livelihood and industry.

The Economic Policy Institute found that Uber drivers on average take home the equivalent of about $9.21 in wages, after Uber fees, vehicle expenses, and other related costs.

Personally, not only do I want to Own a Car, I want to own multiple car’s for my family members. And I might want to hire fulltime or temporary drivers to drive me around if it comes to that. And I don’t want any SMART CARS. I want Electronically Enabled NON-SMART CARS.

“We want to be the Operating System of your life” — Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi

Thats a poor analogy taken from perhaps Microsoft and Windows. With 128 GB of SD Card storage on their mobiles, everyone is going to cherry pick the best of the apps and services. No one App is going to be the default “Gateway” to one’s life. Unlike the Browser being the default gateway to the internet. And an Operating System being the default bundle of Apps and Services that come pre-installed with your Computer. No one app on Mobiles holds that monopoly over having absolute utility to or being a gateway to ones’ life.

The Reality of Gig Economy Companies

The giants of the gig economy, from Lyft and Uber to Grubhub and Instacart, like to claim that they’re technology companies — and they’re certainly valued like tech unicorns.

Golden Rule — They are NOT Technology Companies. They are Service Aggregators or Marketplaces which requires nothing more than perhaps a Mobile App to run their basic functionality.

I think one of the biggest problem with the world today is that people and startups are lying to everyone else and now to themselves and have lost all ability to comprehend reality. Because till now the VC’s and PE’s blindly pumped money into their Vision (????) but that has changed last month onwards.

The Reality of The Gig Economy

Benefits of a Gig Economy

The Claimed Benefits of The Gig Economy are Completely Imaginary

Fuelled by Exploitation NOT Innovation

Gig economy companies succeed because of how they apply, or fail to apply, long-standing and robust employment law.

It is also a mistake to think that the so-called gig economy is all about taxis and couriers. The problem of low-quality, unreliable and underpaid work is widespread.

Conclusion: We heard that Softbank will now have to underwrite a ~$90bn Loss on its Books.

Thats *sad* in a way but it will actually be great. It will be a good start to fix all the ruckus and misery such projects have caused on this planet. While such startups have some of the smartest people running them. Its obvious that a lot of things could have been done differently and better or never at all.

With ~$90bn wiped off the books, is just a start of fixing the mistakes. We can conclude that The Gig Economy has little or absolutely no future. Atleast not in its current form.

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