The Millennium Sanctions — The Defining Moment of the Third Millennium

Aditya Yadav
Oct 2, 2019 · 4 min read

“We will discuss Business LATER!!! We are a Millennium Firm — We discuss Right vs Wrong First. We always do Business Later.”

The Most Fundamental Problem(s) in Humanity

The Problem is NOT Healthcare, Human Rights, Crime, Wars… The Root Cause of ALL The Problems is Right vs Wrong.

Its because there are millions of people in the world who are hoarding power and deploying it exclusively to build and grow their fiefdoms. Such people are holding the world at Ransom.

Such people and entities/organizations come in various shapes and appearances. Lets start with some examples from History.

Our History

Edison vs Nikola Tesla — This is an epic struggle of Power vs Breakthrough Innovation.

Today Edison’s company is recognized as perhaps the biggest frauds in the history of mankind and capitalism.

Silicon Valley — Parc Xerox vs Apple & Microsoft

It is no secret about the original source of their original innovation.

Isaac Newton vs Gottfried Leibniz & Robert Hooke

The German physicist Max Planck said that science advances one funeral at a time. Or more precisely: “A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it.”

Does Science Advance One Funeral at a Time

So Far…

Automatski has been completely isolated, boycotted in the local ecosystem. We have had to fight for our survival, business and livelihood in all adversity. And we have made it so far.

Till now we have let things slide, and have not responded or reacted to the conflict imposed upon us.

Which is primarily for being truthful, honest, ethical, law abiding. We think that has rubbed the fiefdoms, self appointed custodians, controllers and monopolists of human destiny, the wrong way.

Our Thinking

We will discuss Business LATER!!! We are a Millennium Firm — We discuss Right vs Wrong First. We always do Business Later.

Don’t be under any illusion, it is NOT Disbelief, it is Apathy (Passive) and (Active) Contempt. You can’t convince them even if you died trying and hell froze over.

These people (especially in India) are only interested in growing their fiefdoms and want to be exclusive guardians, custodians, controllers and monopolists of human destiny. For profit, sadism and their vested interests. With each invention and announcement from Automatski they instantly lose the reason for their very existence and the ground slips underneath them. They are holding onto all they got in extreme desperation to regain control and dominance.

They follow, promote and propagate 4000 BC witchcraft pseudo science. And will go all out to suppress and discredit Automatski’s 5000 CE Millennium Science and Inventions. Which for them and everyone else is nothing short of magic.

Why should weForgive and Forget?

If we ‘Forget’ then we will not have learnt anything, and would get ourselves fcuked many times over repeatedly in the future.

Main agar maaf kar doon to main apney saath beinsaafi kar dunga.
[English — If I ‘Forgive’ then I would have been grossly unfair to myself.]

Jis tarah main dusroon ke saath insaaf karta hoon, main apney saath bhi beinsaafi nahin kar sakta.
[English — Just like I take utmost care to be fair to people, I can also never be unfair to myself.]

Bhoolne ka ya Maaf karne ka to sawaal hi paida nahin hota.
[English — Forgetting and/or Forgiving isn’t even a existent remote possibility]

Automatski is the single most powerful entity in the world, owned and completely controlled by one man. We just hope we don’t have to use this power.

Our Decision

Like Mark Zuckerberg said “If someone tries to threaten something that existential… you fight”

Hence after a lot of due diligence on this auspicious day of 2nd October 2019. We impose The Millennium Sanctions against such entities, organizations and individuals.

For the next 1000 years (Millennium). Written in stone. And which cannot be overturned or diluted in anyway.

God save them, because nobody else will. This will be recorded in History as The Millennium Sanctions.


Founder(s) of Automatski

2nd October 2019


The Meaning of Life, Universe & Everything

Aditya Yadav

Written by

Millennium Inventor



The Meaning of Life, Universe & Everything

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