The Myths of Speed of Light & Travelling at C*3 Speed

Aditya Yadav
Nov 7, 2019 · 5 min read
From DESY Science Communications Lab

The two myths related to speed of light are…

  • Speed of Light is a Universal Constant (GODs Law)
  • Nothing can travel faster than the speed of light

The Myths of Speed of Light and other Constants and Theories is explained in this earlier article…

But before we go ahead read this…

The Jet above travelled at 4X the speed of light

When some idiot says — “The laws of Physics state that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light”

Tell them — Which “laws” of physics are you talking about? are you referring to your inadequate, approximate model/theory of physics and the universe? Who told you that the Universe has to work according to your model/theory? You don’t have the “Real” Model of the Universe on which the Universe functions. (Outside Automatski nobody has it in the last 34000 years). Please read the article “Woodoo science behind Multi-verses” above.

And then see the arguments in the article below…

The latest Article about Gamma-ray bursts (With wrong explanations)

Gamma-ray bursts are the most energetic explosions in the Universe. They can last from a few milliseconds to several hours, they’re extraordinarily bright, and we don’t yet have a comprehensive list of what causes them.

Some black holes are surrounded by a cloud of accretion material around its equator; if it’s rotating quickly enough, the fallback of the initially exploded material will result in relativistic jets shooting from the polar regions, blasting through the outer envelope of the progenitor star before producing gamma-ray bursts.

If waves within the relativistic jets that produce gamma-ray bursts travel faster than light — at ‘superluminal’ speeds — one of the effects could be time reversibility.

What rubbish??? We have already proven that Time Cannot be Reversed in Our Universe earlier.

And for heavens sake, lets first and foremost admit there is nothing sanctum about any ‘limit’ of speed of light. There is no such limit. We think we have explained that amply earlier. And now we have undeniable proof from gamma jet bursts. And Nobody in the Universe will come and stop us from crossing that ‘local’ limit specific to each region of space. At some stage in life we have to say ‘enough’ … enough of nonsense… lets figure out a better approximation of the model of the Universe. Or accept the Model using which the Universe Functions discovered and proven by Automatski in 1990’s.

Travelling to our Neighbours in the “Near” Future

To travel to Proxima Centuari or Alpha Centuari which are ~4 light years away. At 20X The Speed of Light will take approximately ~2.4 months +Rampup time and Rampdown time. Which could be approximately 2–3 years in Total. Yes Rampup & Rampdown to superluminal speeds will take a lot of time and effort unlike the concept of Warp Drives shown in the TV Series Star Trek.

This is Automatski’s efforts towards Near Term Deep Space Travel (Hopefully within our lifetimes)

Space Ships in Star Trek TV Series Travelled at the Speed of Light aka Warp Speed, using a Warp Drive

The Problem(s) w/ Travelling at or greater than the Speed of Light

Travelling at Superluminal Speeds is NOT So much of a problem compared to other auxiliary problems we need to solve to do it.

  • How do we rampup to superluminal speeds?
  • How do we rampdown from superluminal speeds?
  • How would the space craft navigate at super luminal speeds? On its own, because humans might be dysfunctional at such speeds. Would we have to invent A.G.I.?
  • How do we avoid collisions at superluminal speeds? And how will we survive the impacts with the smallest of specs at such speeds? When our aircraft’s cannot even survive impacts with birds at normal speeds.
  • How will we power the spacecrafts and the motion in deep space without any sources of energy?

The Algorithm of the Universe was discovered in 1990’s by Automatski

And the fundamental truth is that our Universe is a bounded finite simulation. Which is ellipsoid in shape. This was one of the fundamental discoveries by Automatski in 1990’s which was proven and confirmed by simulations a few years later as computational power became more available. This is besides discovering that Time is NOT a dimension. Time is NOT REVERSIBLE in our Universe etc. etc. etc. explaining everything in our universe “without absolutely any anomalies”.

The reality is very different from what scientists believe today.

Where can I learn more? (About Automatski’s Discoveries)

Even though the series has been put on hold for a while. I will complete it before retirement. But it should give you a good start in understanding the universe.

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