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We saw and proved that the Universe is a Simulation, in the above article. Circa 1990's

Quantum Physicists are busy with Quantum Simulations for Chemistry etc.

And all the Best Algorithms range from O(N⁷) to O(N³)

The ‘One’ Secret Of The Universe Which No Scientists Gets

Is Simply that this Universe is Not Only a Simulation its an O(N) Simulation.


That is one of the foremost premises behind building the Non-Deterministic Calculus at Automatski which explains the Universe in Totality. And which ties in with the Linear Order Simulation Design of the Universe.

Quantum Monte Carlo our best Quantum Simulation Algorithms are of the order of O(N²) to O(N³) Even then they hit impossible computational limits as we try to simulate even small systems.

Do You Really Think!

The Universe could have existed? as a Simulation? as it does today. If the Universal Simulation was even O(N²) or more?


Not only that the Universal Simulation is O(N) is a Fact but it also makes sense from various perspectives.

Non-Deterministic Calculus was invented at Automatski in 1990’s and it explained the Universe very beautifully. But over the years we are making more and more breakthroughs in our understanding of the various facets of the Universe.

So now we can understand why this argument/theory is wrong! Argued using Exponential increase in computational power required for Quantum Many Body Effects… whats that? Basically Computational Power Required for Quantum Simulations as per current and wrong theories, using algorithms such as Quantum Monte Carlo. The fallacy of which we explained earlier.

And why this computational calculations of simulating the universe (argued using information theory) is wrong.

Then what is the right answer?

The right answer is that …

It will take a/the Universe to Simulate a/the Universe. Because the Universal Simulation is O(N) and it is the most quintessential and efficient simulation possible. We exist inside one of the most beautiful and efficient design’s possible.

And we have already established that God Plays Dice and thats probably the only thing he does.

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The Meaning of Life, Universe & Everything

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