The Universe is Ellipsoid in Shape

Aditya Yadav
Nov 7, 2019 · 4 min read
The Universe is Ellipsoid in Shape

Please refer to a recent article below…

If someone asked you what the shape of the universe was, what would you say?

Most research into the matter has concluded its flat, but there’s new evidence suggesting it’s actually curved.

When scientists say ‘flat’, they mean if you left Earth and travelled in a perfectly straight line, you’d keep going forever and never see the Earth again — in two dimensions, think of a flat piece of paper that extends forever in every direction.

While in a ‘curved’, or ‘round’ universe you’d eventually end up back where you started — much like a ‘straight’ line across the two-dimensional surface of a ball or a globe always ends up where it began, except in a much-harder-to-visualise three dimensions.

Yes! Automatski has established in 1990’s that the Universe is Ellipsoid in shape. Hence we re-confirm the findings in parts of the article mentioned above. Though the article is wrong in many ways, it is on the right track. In this article we will explain that in more details.

It is Ellipsoid NOT Curved!

Which means its a Solid/Filled Ellipsoid like Earth. Inside the Ellipsoid are all the stars and galaxies.

This is different from the Article mentioned above which talks about A Curve. Which is like a surface which wraps around. Thats where the article is wrong.

What Shape is The Universe?

Pretty much like the Earth the Universe is a “Solid/Filled” Ellipsoid in shape. Primarily because there is a slight spin in one imaginary universal axis. Which squishes the shape into an ellipsoid how much ever minusculely. But it does.

And yes, it basically means that if you go in one direction and cross the boundary of the universe you will automagically appear in the exact opposite side. And if you still continue you will eventually reach where you started in the first place.

These are exciting times for Human Science and Tech. Very soon we will be able to travel in deep space and goto other galaxies.

The Details

Scientists found an anomaly by looking at data from the cosmic microwave background (CMB), faint radiation left over from the Big Bang, according to a new study published in Nature Astronomy.

Some of the CMB light had been had pulled off its original course — “gravitationally lensed” so much, the only explanation they could find is there’s more matter in the universe than previously believed. But the amount of matter required to account for the lensing would be enough to have the universe “close” in on itself.

We disagree. There is absolutely no constraint on the amount of matter the universe needs to have for it to be Ellipsoid in shape and close in on itself.

Here’s why!

As Automatski has already established in 1990’s that the Universe is a Simulation.

And it is a bounded & finite simulation. Just like we simulate small worlds on our computers. The Universe Simulation wraps into itself on the boundaries.

The Amount of Matter in the world doesn’t give it a Ellipsoid Shape. The Universe is primarily a Simulation. It is bounded and finite. And a 3D Ellipsoid shape is the most natural Bounded Shape in 3D. Irrespective of the amount of matter, the universe will always be Ellipsoid to various degrees. Thats where the article is wrong.

So No! you don’t have to travel on a longitude in the universe’s curved surface to come back to the same position. You can travel in any direction (inside the ellipsoid towards it boundaries) and wrap back into the opposite side and come back to the same position. Thats where Automatski’s discovery of the ultimate functioning of the universe is different from the article in the first paragraph.

And no! there universe is NOT 4 dimensional, it is pure and simple 3 dimensional.

There’s a 0.2 percent chance it’s all a statistical fluke, the paper says.

No! No fluke. Congratulations! you are on the right track. Though your conclusion of Curved Shape and your entire explanation is wrong. But it is a massive achievement for human science. Automatski confirms the line of thought. Based on its earlier 1990’s discoveries about the functioning of the universe and its underlying algorithms.

Congratulations once again!

Where can I learn more?

Even though the series has been put on hold for a while. I will complete it before retirement. But it should give you a good start in understanding the universe.

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