Topological Data Analysis w/ Gudhi

Aditya Yadav
Nov 8, 2019 · 2 min read

Please go through the introductory article in the series…

And the article below which describes the Theory of Topological Data Analysis and shows examples from another Python Tool for TDA called scikit-tda

In this article we are going to continue where we left off… and we will see topological data analysis with a python tool called Gudhi. Which is very mature and well tested.

Introduction to Topological Data Analysis

Gudhi is NOT that well known amongst Data Scientists

The GUDHI library offers the following interoperable modules:

First, Lets Install Gudhi

conda install -c conda-forge gudhi

conda install jupyter notebook numpy pandas

pip install scipy matplotlib

TDA Analysis Workflow/Pipeline

Lets see how to create persistence diagrams and simplicial complexes…



Source Code [Jupyter Notebooks + Data Sets] & Github Repo

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