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Behind the scenes working in a software agency as a designer

Challenges & Things to do

Working as a designer in a Software Agency

Many projects require us to understand the industry in order to design it right

The Key Takeaways 👉 Willing to study our client industry in order to know the problem and user flow

Multiple stakeholders with their own interest

In this case communication is the key.

Involved stakeholder since the beginning design process

Design Process? We need to adapt based on the situation

The Key Takeaways 👉 Understand the principles and how design process works. Adapt it based on the situation.

Unclear problem statement and goal

We asked the client various questions regarding the current and goals in the future.

Share the pros and cons so the stakeholders and client can consider wisely

Choose tools that work well for entire team collaboration

Open and try new tool if it can help our work easier, working seamless collaboration with stakeholder, then use it.

Present our design to stakeholders and clients

Learning how to present design well is a very helpful skill for a designer.

If you’re not a native English speaker like me, it’s good to train every day so our English skill will improve



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