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My design process for a new project in a software company

Start with the kick-off, Conceptual Design, Finalize the design, and the next step

The latest whole design process after we’re done several projects at Itsavirus

1st Phase: Discovery & Define

Kick-off Discussion

It’s good to remember that better to validate our assumption to make sure we have the same understanding as to the clients.

Visual Approach

User Stories / Job Stories

As a user, I want to … so that …

User situation/context, User desire action, expected income

UX Flows

Setup Design Project

2nd Phase: Conceptual Design

Conceptual Design or Wireframe

Example of 🔦 Conceptual Design for Cash Tech Project

Wireframing on Figma + Prototyping

3rd Phase: Finalising the design

Hi-Fi design

Interface Guidelines 🙌


That's it!



Everything in Itsavirus Design Team including stories and perspectives

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