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Interview with Aris — Graphic UI Designer at Itsavirus

A former front end developer who shift to become a designer

Aris is another awesome designer here at Itsavirus, working well together directly with me handling some projects since the beginning of this year. Those are Swheels, Transit Protocol, Bookatrekking, and Smoove Pay.

Today is my pleasure to have him at this interview.

In the previous interview, I have an interview with Dwi Asri who lead the overall design team at Itsavirus. We talked about his experiences, hobbies, and advice for young designers. Check this out 👇

Hi Aris, let’s begin with introducing yourself?

Hi, I am Aris, 22 years old. I was born and grew up in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

I like doing sports such as skateboarding and bike. I play those things on the weekend sometimes

I am a pleasantly would say I’m a Digital Designer who designing all of the types of vector design. Beside that, I like to learn and crafting visual pieces of stuff which graphic design, motion graphics, videography, etc.

The day before I have jobs as a designer, I was enrolled in a Short Course School of Bina Nusantara University. At the time I learnt a lot of interface design both graphics and codes from fundamentals.

Now, I’m here at Itsavirus hhad a chance to learn and work in between is the best thing I’ve ever had.

Nice to know, Aris. Let’s talk about the work-related first

How did you start your career as a designer?

I graduated from high school then I went to Binus’s short course programme for a year, and a couple of months later I got hired by a software company which called PT. Smooets Technology Outsourcing with a year signed contract as a Web Designer.

When I was there, I worked on Mockup UI design for a website by way of translating brief and discuss with team and Project Manager support. Also to finalize designs is all mockups design sliced into a web-static design coding which it consists of HTML, CSS, JavaScript then delivers it to Developers team.

And after the project is done, in order to not that much having an idle time, I assigned to help its Partner Company called PT. Walden Global Services. The different thing is, I was no longer into codes. A very awesome work environment with a waterfall software development which I got so much more flexible time during working hours.

A simply these company hired resources are just based on Project’s availability.

So then after the contract times up, they give me a period for working as their freelancer resources while waiting for a new project come up. It took a couple of months, I got freelance stuff sometimes but not too much. Feel so bored seems like I took sabbatical leave, then I apply as a UI designer at couple companies.

Hence, one of those company, Itsavirus the under PT. Melalie name’s company is the first one who calls me to do an interview and hired. So yeah, I’m working here in Itsavirus as a designer collaborates with a lead designer in a team.

Okay, so this is your first time working as a full-time designer.

We have been working together for some project. Which project do you think the most memorable? and tell the whys.

Bookatrekking as an introduction where I started working here. Meanwhile I got bunch of knowledge while I learn & working on this project. This was super amazing.

Iosi and I have been working together for the Website and its Dashboard, we’ve collaborated based on what our proficient is. At the time, Iosi working as a Full UX until research, and I was focusing on the Graphical Assets. The best thing I’ve loved is, I can see directly how designing UX the process directly.

What favourite music do you listen to while working?

It could be anything, let me show you the one of them about my playlist.

Where do you find the inspiration from for your work?

Based on somebody’s exploration crafts on Dribbble, Pinterest, etc.

When I think it looks good visually, that’s where the ideas came up. If it seems to hard to make, I do sometimes go to YouTube to watch some tutorials videos as it could raise my hard skill.

What kind of thing do you want to learn in the next year?

Might be to learn a 3D and sound design. I like a 3D design for now. It looks awesome

3D Design by Peter Parka

What digital product have you recently seen that made you think wow this is great in terms of design?

I like this a lot, seems like it’s good for a presentation.

In this case, to present a good design for a digital product is has to be clear information and understandable for navigating, button, tabs etc. So the user wouldn’t be confused while using it.

What do you do in your free time?

While I’m in working hours, I used to watch youtube videos. Otherwise, if it’s on the weekend / free day, I will basically go out in some around the places with my girlfriend.

What would be your advice for beginner designers who want to pursue a design career?

We ain’t seem you potentially or not, as long as you are ready and willing, we will embrace you and let’s learn together. No cap

Thanks, Aris, I’ll share some of the links for you to connect directly with him on social media.

Find out more about Aris 👇

That’s my interview with Aris. Any question for him? Feel free to write it through comments section.

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