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Iosi Pratama
Itsavirus Design
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6 min readNov 4, 2020


Iosi is an Itsavirus designer from Surabaya, Indonesia. He has been working for a year here. He contributed to several Itsavirus projects including Scrumboardy, Bookatrekking, Swheels, Transit Protocol, Smoove Pay, and lately The New Itsavirus website.

Hi Iosi, would you like to introduce yourself, please? Hobbies are welcome to be mentioned

Sure. Hi everyone. Hi readers. It pleasure know you read my interview.

I’m Iosi Pratama, my friends usually call me Iosi or Yosi with the same spoken result. 21 years old who currently working as a designer at Itsavirus since November last year.

Outside of office hours, I’d love doing any type of sports. Gym, Football, Badminton, Ping pong, Swimming, etc.

Besides that, I also spend my time on a different kind of personal activities such as writing, doing photography, working on a freelance project and running my side business.

My Personal Blog 👉

What led you into design?

I realized that I’m falling in love with design since was very beginning in elementary school. I was spending my school break time in the computer lab to make visual graphics. I used Paint, the legendary tool from Microsoft. That was a fun time.

Time went on. When I was studying Software Engineer at Vocational School. I learnt building website and apps through code. When I have a chance to build an app or website together with my friends in a team. All my friends were doing code. I’m the one who always thought of the structure, layout, and visual stuff. Nowadays, it called UI/UX activities.

I always amazed when I found good designs either in form of architecture, packaging, architecture, or digital product where I focus on at the moment.

What does a typical day look like?

I woke up every day at around 5 am. I pray then read a book in 15 minutes.

On a weekday, my morning routine includes going to the gym at 6:30 am — 08:00. I usually go to the office around 9.30 except Monday. Then, I have breakfast at the office. I buy the meals in a small stall while on the way.

I do daily work. Designing, communicate with internal and clients, and ready to do another stuff to help the other team. I back to my boarding house around 6 pm or 7 pm.

What’s your workstation setup?

I use Macbook Pro 2012, Dell UH2419H Monitor Screen, Apple Mouse, and Apple Keyboard. Then, a drawing book which empowering me to do exploration and ideation.

I use quite common design tools such as Sketch App, Figma, Zeplin, Adobe Illustrator, etc.

Then for communication, we use Slack and Discord.

Other tools that super useful for me are

What project do you most proud of when working on a client project at Itsavirus?

Umm, I worked on several projects at Itsavirus which all of those are great. Each project has its own stories on how I work with internal and client-side.

But, if you want me to choose one project, I would pick Bookatrekking.

It was when we got asked to redesign the current Bookatrekking platform with a quite ambitious goal. To improve the current experience for the visitor when they search for trekking so hopefully can increase the booking rate from the business side.

Here are the whys this project is memorable for me

  1. I worked closely with the client from the beginning from the research phase, understanding, client interview, concept, designing
  2. I worked together with my fellow designer, Aris. In this case, I’m honoured to lead the design team. It went well with many lessons learned.
  3. The first time, I need to present in front of the client used English.
  4. Both client and we are satisfied with the result.

What favourite music do you listen to while working?

I’d love listening to instrumental music through youtube. It without lyrics so I don’t get distracted by thinking the song.

Other than that, I only work without music.

Where do you find the inspiration from for your work?

The first time I open my browser, Muzli will appear with some latest inspirations. I use my time to go through Dribbble and Behance to see if there is stuffs catching my eyes.

Muzli chrome extension

I also love to get inspired when surroundings nature. Observing a unique architecture design also trigger me to think wilder when designing digital products/projects.

What kind of thing do you learn at the moment? Or you want to learn in the next year?

Currently, I go deep to a digital illustration. A skill that will give an additional value to me. Design without strong graphics is not complete.

In the same time, I’m also taking photography online course by National Geographics so I can learn the advance technique I can use when taking photos. Therefore, the photos could tell better stories to the people who see it.

What do you in your free time?

Well. This could be different.

When I was in a lazy and unproductive mode. I lay in bed, watching random videos on youtube or just sleep. It took me all day.

Other than that, I do a couple of things as I mentioned above.

  • Working on my freelance project
  • Running my side business
  • Writing on Medium and Personal blog
  • Creating content, Answering questions on Quora, etc.
  • Reading and finishing books. Currently I read IKIGAI written by Hector Garcia and Francesc Miralles.
  • Go to the beach then doing sports (volley) or just observing around

Any advice for people who want to be a designer?

Umm, this could advice for myself in the past. When I was starting out as a full-time designer.

There are somethings that increase my knowledge and design skills.

  • Get up to date regarding the latest design industries through joining design conferences then get to know each other. I found many experts and practitioners who later they helped and inspired me.
  • Train and accelerate visual design skill through imitating and rework the good design. It could be on Dribbble, Behance, Instagram, etc.
  • About the UX Stuff and design process. You need to learn the theories and apply them to your work/job. In many cases, you need to adapt it.

Anything you want to promote or plug?

First of all, we have Itsavirus Medium Publication. You can follow us to get the our stories there.

Second, I have been writing this small book about typography written in Bahasa Indonesia. Check here still in progress.

The last, feel free to message me personally if you have a question or something to talk about.

That’s my interview with Iosi. Any question for him? Feel free to write it through comments section.

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