Let’s Have a Conversation With Your Higher Self

Welcome to IttyBliss on Medium

Welcome to a writing project I’ve decided to call IttyBliss. There’s no real plan for what’s going on here, except for this:

I want to help you live a happier, healthier, more enjoyable life.

Being blissful is simple, but not easy

“Just be positive” is a simple enough formula for happiness, but it’s missing something huge: what do we do when we encounter suffering? Not so easy, right?

Suffering is the human condition, and only by accepting it can we begin to discover our true bliss.

You certainly don’t need me to tell you that — thousands of years of religion has already spoken. However, I’d like to think there’s a new kind of dialog ready to happen — one that’s mindful, conscious and open to all forms of spiritual practice — in a world where dogma, judgement and violence has too much dangerous influence.

So let’s begin…with triggers

Mindfulness and meditation — we seem to hear about it more and more. Why do you think that is? After all, meditation has been around for eons.

One answer is the trigger — the thing that keeps popping up to disrupt and destroy your idea of happiness, no matter how much you change your external circumstances. Maybe it’s getting abruptly fired from your dream job. Or perhaps it’s the image of fear and pain in your mother’s eyes as she deteriorates from cancer. Or losing faith in someone you love.

Profound suffering can trigger us to question what it means to be truly happy. That’s when we start to search for answers, and for some of us, a search for higher consciousness through meditation and mindfulness and enters that space.

How I got here

Here’s what triggered me: Two and a half years ago, my mom, with whom I’ve had a strained relationship, was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer. Around the same time, I made the decision to stop talking to my father. I had also been fired by my biggest client and was deeply struggling to support my wife and four children.

These events were painful and hard to accept, but they told me it was time to make change in the way I saw the world.

Soon after, the idea of meditation came to me from a guest on Andrew Warner’s Mixergy podcast, which led me to Sharon Salzberg’s excellent book, “Real Happiness: The Power of Meditation.”

I’ve been meditating now for over two years and it has changed my life. Now it’s time to share this wonderful journey with you through IttyBliss.

You and I are not here together by accident, so let’s make something of it.

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