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It’s a typical day at work. I am sitting in my cubicle, which is located in an isolated corner on the second floor of our Huntsville office. You will have to walk past several empty cubicles before you get to mine. That’s why they call this area “the basement.”

I love it.


My colleague Wil Maier and I work as developer outreach specialists for . Now, what is that all about?

iTwin.js is an open-source library that brings infrastructure into the age of .

For more details, check out this video:

As for my job title…if you’ve already done some probing, you will realize it doesn’t exist.

That’s because our manager came up with it on a Friday afternoon meeting. Since iTwin.js is a new open-source library, we help developers get started with the technology. We attend to help teams kick-off new projects or write POCs (proof of concepts). Outside of that, a typical week involves remote assistance sessions with companies adopting the platform or writing sample code for our growing community.

This blog is going to involve anecdotes from those experiences.

A window into our world.

Stay tuned for the .

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