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iTwins on Your iPhone

You already know that the Bentley iTwin platform is the best way to build a digital twin application on the web and desktop. What you might not know is that now you can build a fully native “Powered by iTwin” app for your iPhone and iPad.

The new iTwin.js Mobile SDK for iOS from Bentley Systems brings all the power of the Bentley iTwin platform to your iOS device. You can start from scratch with the sample app, or you can simply integrate the Mobile SDK into your existing app. Whether you’re using UIKit, SwiftUI, or even another UI framework like React Native, you’ll be up and running with the Mobile SDK in no time.

With the Mobile SDK you can work with your digital twins whether you’re connected to the internet or not, with high performance — especially if you use iOS 15 — and access to all your device’s native capabilities. You can even choose to use Bentley’s mobile friendly React based UI system or build your own native UI.

For developers who have an existing app, it’s as easy as adding a Swift Package to your Xcode project (or CocoaPod to your Podfile), running an NPM install, doing a little configuration, and adding a new UIViewController (or View for you SwiftUI folks).

If you’re starting from scratch, or you just want to explore the iTwin Mobile SDK without making changes to your app, the best place to start is by cloning the sample app and opening either the UIKit or SwiftUI Xcode project

There will be a lot more information and training material coming soon. In the meantime, please let us know if you have any questions at all about the Mobile SDK by starting a Discussion or filing an Issue on GitHub.

Oh, and speaking of coming soon…

We love mobile, and we want you to be able to build the best digital twin apps no matter what platform you’re developing for. So, stay tuned for more information about the Mobile SDK for Android.



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