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“My wife is wondering who I keep talking to all day,”

chuckled Bao, one of my coworkers.

Honestly, I don’t blame her.

Bao and I had spent the entire week having one-sided conversations with our laptops. Our voices had been recorded and re-recorded to the point of delirium. Our goal was to design a video series that would give you…dear reader, the coveted experience of an iTwin Hackathon from the comfort of your home.

“Good work!” our laptops responded back in unison, a month later, in the voice of our manager. We had successfully survived the recordings. And it was time to introduce the finished product to the world. Say hello to:

The shiny new course that teaches you how to build an iTwin application and awards you with a badge of honor — once it deems you worthy ;) This badge enables you to show off some freshly acquired digital twin skills to your loyal stalkers on LinkedIn.

The 6 people above probably share my enthusiasm for digital twins. Just this week I was having yet another conversation with my laptop…this time around it was speaking in the voice of Sudipto Goswami, the director of Bentley Education. Sudipto’s day job includes interacting with professors of premier academic institutes (such as Cambridge, University of Queensland, IIT Madras) and understanding how to better empower the next generation of civil engineers, developers, and architects.

“Digital twins are the future, and most academic institutes have started incorporating the underlying concepts in their curriculums,” he mentioned.

That’s exactly the point of this program — to bring this cutting-edge education right to your doorstep! The iTwin Platform has been leading the charge in the global digital twin transformation. And it’s time we share our knowledge and experience with you (in the form of a class).

But let’s be real, we all remember our college days.

In order to minimize the number of naps this program could potentially induce, we decided to make it completely hands-on. We will work alongside you to take a basic house model, leverage the iTwin platform to birth its digital twin, connect it to a smart device database…and dress that baby up in markers, widgets, and some nifty UI features.

The course ends how all courses end. With a final exam. If you pass it, you are awarded the previously mentioned LinkedIn bragger badge. If you fail, then your name is forever etched in the digital twin hall of shame.
Just kidding :) You can find the class right here.

And let’s not forget the third category of people…who don’t show up to the exam at all. The ones that prefer to take the naps outside of the classroom.

For our foolhardy western folk, we have decided to make the course content available directly on YouTube. Below, you can find all the chapters in the form of clickable links.

Lastly, for all the over-achievers out there— who always want more — we will further explore the world of digital twins in future courses. Stay tuned for more advanced topics such as desktop app development, agents, ECSQL, etc. And the best part— all these upcoming courses will come with their own respective LinkedIn badges.

Gotta catch ‘em all

But not before Bao and I take a little break. Our laptops are tired of listening to our voices (as you will be), and Bao’s household is currently enjoying some much-needed quiet time. If you don’t like waiting though…we’ll leave you with the iTwin Developer Webinars to satisfy your most immediate study cravings.

-Roop, reporting live from the basement.

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