Nov 1, 2018 · 3 min read

“Not ready” the secretary snapped at me. During a very stressful period when we were working on a large tender for a very important client the secretary was, once again, late delivering her part in the process. I got agitated, as I was already packed with tasks and we had a very strict deadline. People were waiting. And with this delay, things simply did not look good. I was tempted to think she was lazy, or even bad at her work.

But of course things were not that simple. In this example the secretary had a hard time gathering information from different colleagues and departments, such as client reviews and consultant resumes. Plenty information that should and could be easily made available. With current cms systems colleagues can easily share (make available) and find data. In this case the frustration inspired us to better control and manage our internal agreements: ‘consultants should at all time have their updated resumes available at the designated location’. Thereby making next rounds of proposals and tenders much easier. And us a little more happy in the process.

At meetroo we believe people are good and want to do good. That employees are good people that want to do good work. But that sometimes circumstances make it very hard to do so. People lose so much time on trivial activities that cost a lot of energy while adding little to no effort towards their actual purpose, their actual roles. And thereby frustrating the process for the people involved.

As you can see in this example, there was unnecessary tension and frustration that could easily be solved with the use of the available technical means, at little to no extra cost. The process and CMS were already in place, yet not used to full potential. This made us think, and inspired us to start our business and the I work happy blog; a blog in which we will share tips, tools, hacks, tricks and software. Things that can easily be implemented at little to no costs; and in the process will help you work a little happier. And thereby give you the time to focus on what actually matters!

It is our mission to make employees happier by improving the abilities to navigate and filter large amounts of information and increase productivity. With our vision we aim to make people smile with solutions that are easy to use and boost employee performance. We strive to make products that will help people, worldwide, achieve healthier work-life balances and thereby a happier life. We believe that the use of smart technology provides more flexibility in work and increases productivity. A higher output leads to (bigger) organisational growth and a sense of fulfilment and happiness with its employees. An irresistible win-win. We want to contribute to this movement. That is our drive.

Work happy😉

i work happy

i work happy

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