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Roses, Buds, & Thorns

We identified that the most common thorns are: 
1. Parents get bored when kids run around and play with exhibits or other kids.
2. The amount of text information for each exhibit is quite intimidating. 
3. Parents are concerned about the safety of their kids all the time.


We directed our focus onto Virtual reality, Family bonding, and learning experiences for small kids.

To help the team design more specific solutions, we came up with the following persona:

From there, each team member sketched 3–4 storyboards. We sat together and synthesized those 10 storyboards into 4 finalized storyboards. We brought the storyboards with us to the Carnegie natural and history museum on April 17th at around 2pm. We interviewed 4 families at the museum which include 2 moms, 2 dads, and 7 kids.

Storyboard 1

A mom really liked that it could be customized to age, suggested making it also customizable to interests

A mom said it wouldn’t work as well for people who like to browse

Suggested embedding story in footprints with pictures

One mom suggested being able to skip things that were less interesting, as well as being able to go more in depth with something that was more interesting

Storyboard 2

A dad with a 4-year-old son said the Pokemon concept was “pretty cool”, and “could be for adults who are kids too”

He really liked the virtual gameplay and chose it as one of his top two

One 6-year-old boy nodded excitedly when we explained this concept, a dad with his (pouting) son said the kids would really like this

A mom with daughters was less interested

Storyboard 3

This storyboard was the most popular

Parents liked that you could learn different things each time, take it home and bring it back

Mom was extremely enthusiastic. “Like Disney souvenirs, you think about the place after you leave. The girls will keep wearing the bracelets, and that will remind them to keep thinking and learning about the topics when we go to the library or other places.”

Suggested audio cones that interact with the bracelets

One mom suggested combining the storytelling idea

Storyboard 4

A mom thought it was a whimsical thing to take away

A mom said it would stimulate creativity to be making a dinosaur

A dad said that the play station aspect was very cool, and that young kids who grow up around technology would really enjoy


Most Popular: Bracelet idea

Popular themes:

Something to take home

Continuity for future visits

Customizability for age and interests

“Digestible” information