Phase 3: Features & Flow

We started this phase by thinking about our previous ideas and new ideas. We found from our research food was a great way for grandchildren and grandparents to connect, so many of our ideas involved food & long distance.

We mapped out a typical flow of “I’m hungry” to “I’m full” to think about how we could fit into this already existing process. We got the idea to allow grandchildren to request recipes from their grandparents that they could then cook, document, and share.

We started by thinking about the user flow (red). Then we marked features the grandchild would see (blue) and the grandparents would see (green).

We then made a short visioning video so we could explain the app to users and get their feedback.

The feedback we receive made us realize:

  • while some older users may prefer and need a physical interaction, others will want to user their smartphones instead of a printer/scanner
  • in terms of the box the grandparents would use, it would need to be very easy for them to learn
  • an app for both grandchildren & grandparents may need two different user flows

We decided to put the box idea on hold and create an app that could serve both grandchildren and grandparents. We started to map out two separate user flows but then found they were very similar. In doing this, we realized the app could be opened up to an entire family, not just grandchildren and grandparents. This led us to create a service in which users are “family member” rather than certain roles.

As we worked on the above sitemap, we developed the idea of “the recipe” and “the event”. So we went through another iteration of mapping.

We recognized that, depending on the person and the situation, some people may prefer to choose a recipe then schedule a time to cook it while others would schedule a time to cook with family then choose a recipe.

We identified three different variables that come into play when a meal is being thought of:

Pick a recipe based on ingredients or cuisine

Select a stored recipe or request a new one

Cook alone or cook together (using video or audio calling)

Process Flow Diagrams

We then created process flow diagrams to help us keep the app in context.

Feature Sets

From there, we identified features this service would need to have.


We used the feature sets to create a sitemap to demonstrate how users will move between functions.

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