Phase 3: Video Phase & Ideation

We shifted our focus to creating a conceptual video and illustrative panorama of our solution. We based our iterations and feature design off of results from our speed dating.

To encapsulate the IoT grocery shopping experience, we focused on our smart cart idea, as it was the only concept that followed the shopping experience from start to finish. We began by defining key features:

  • Cart can sense items placed inside of it
  • Environmental directions
  • Stored shopper information in the cart
  • Suggestions for products are surfaced
  • Fast checkout- similar to the EZ pass lane

We drafted a script that follows a young professional through the shopping experience, and began capturing images to be used in the video.

Additionally, we began work on a panorama that elaborates on the grocery experience as we designed it. We focused on describing features of the smart cart, tracked products, pathfinding shelves, and expedited checkout.

Next, we plan to work out the UI for the main cart interactions and integrate it with a final edit of our video.