Introducing Jury Chair Ravi Naidoo

Please join us in welcoming Ravi Naidoo, the chair of the 2017 Interaction Awards Jury. From his base in Cape Town, South Africa, Ravi offers over two decades of design and social innovation leadership.

Ravi has a passion for bringing together the design community. He founded Interactive Africa, an initiative intended to not only establish the creative industry in South Africa and bring South Africa to the world stage. He’s led the First Man of Africa in Space campaign, garnered the 2010 Football World Cup in South Africa, and headed the African Connection Rally to promote telecommunications investment in South Africa. He is perhaps best known for starting the Indaba Conference, founded in 2004, which is an international conference that connects thought-leaders, entrepreneurs, and designers to Cape Town to envision a better world through creativity. His efforts have fostered economic growth in his country and have helped Cape Town to be named World Design Capital in 2014.

Ravi has been internationally recognized for his design leadership and ingenuity. We are thrilled to have his vision and leadership for the 2017 Interaction Awards in New York.

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