Is your design work (IxDA) awards worthy?

The annual Interaction Awards celebrate design thought leadership and innovation around the globe. Every year, we are on the hunt to recognize the best design work.

Last year, NailSnaps won the People’s Choice Award at the IxDA Awards in Helsinki
Have you worked on a design project that you’re absolutely proud of? You’ve solved a real life problem, practiced rigorous process, and built several prototypes to validate your solution? Is it conceptual or out in the real world? If you answered yes to any of the above, your work might be eligible for an IxDA Award.

What are the IxDA (Interaction) Awards?

Interaction design covers anything that involves designing interactive digital products, services, physical products, systems, and even environments. Each year, we recognize design work that impacts and improves lives in following categories:

  • Connecting: Facilitating communication between people and communities
  • Engaging: Capturing attention, creating delight and delivering meaning
  • Empowering: Enabling people to go beyond their limits
  • Expressing: Encouraging self expression and/or creativity
  • Disrupting: Re-imagining completely an existing product or service by creating new behaviors, usages or markets
  • Optimizing: Making daily activities more efficient

If you’re curious what work is awards worthy, check out last year’s award winners:

How do I enter?

We’ve extended the deadline to September 19, 2016. Applying is pretty simple and it only takes a few steps:

1. Information about you and/or your team
2. A video with information about your project
3. A photo representing your project
4. Rationale for submitting within a particular category

For more detailed information on what we’re looking for, click here.

What happens after I enter?

The jury will review all submissions and select a shortlist of projects for each category. Being shortlisted for the awards is a great opportunity since your work will be showcased to the entire design community. Plus, you’ll get a ticket to attend the IxDA Conference, which will be held in New York City!

Get in touch!

If you have any questions about the awards, we encourage you visit our or email us at

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