IxDA Awards highlights design work in Africa

For this year’s Interaction Awards (awards.ixda.org), we are highlighting some incredible interaction design work in Africa. Ravi Naidoo, founder and managing director of Design Indaba and Interactive Africa, chairs the IxDA Awards jury this year. Along with co-chairs Molly Wright Steenson and Thomas Kueber, the IxDA Awards has nominated six African projects that we would love to share with the design community. We have waived the entry fee in order to showcase global design projects.


The Ghana based start-up MedRx is aiming to improve availability of crucial medical information and locate the appropriate facilities such as hospitals or pharmacies with their app for iOS or Android.


IPM, a nonprofit organisation operating in the medical sector as well is developing the dapivirine ring, a tiny device said to reduce the risk of HIV infections for their female users by up to 56 per cent.

Positive Futures

Targeting the HIV problem from a different angle is the Positive Futures system from Megan Sands and Sarah Twaddle from the National College of Art and Design in Dublin. With an especially clever packaging system they try to take away the still present stigmatization of patients while keeping all crucial information visible and accessible.


A more technology-based solution on the often problematic healthcare situation in many African countries is Flare, the ambulance Uber in Nairobi. Flare is writing about their work on their blog.

MA Material Futures

Designers like Laduma Ngxokolo engage in critical and material design approaches. A fashion and textile designer of knitwear in the MA Material Futures program at Central Saint Martins, he investigated how to make Xhosa circumcision rituals safer.


Finally, Coolar, a Berlin based startup is developing a carbon-neutral solar-powered refrigerator specifically geared towards preserving vaccines and critical medical supplies is tackling healthcare issues with green energy solutions.

About the IxDA Awards

Learn more about this year’s Interaction Awards at awards.ixda.org and join us in New York in February 2017 at Interaction Week 2017, and perhaps you’ll see some of these projects live on stage, demonstrating how African design is changing the world.

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