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Our 2022 SDC Finalists

The Student Design Charette (SDC) champions the next generation of interaction design. We exist to promote design for good by new designers. To do this, we bring together students and early professionals to tackle big challenges.

About the brief: One Year On, What Have We Learned?

Our daily context is in flux — the global pandemic, the climate crisis, shifting political alignments, and an understanding of the impact of colonization on our communities, present both challenges and opportunities.

Today, as we look beyond the immediate perils of the pandemic, there is space for new conversations. We see evidence that:

  • Resilient communities are united and organized
  • We must redesign systems and structures to be equitable and inclusive
  • In response to the fragility revealed around us, new systems are already emerging

This year’s SDC design challenge asked teams to explore how these shifts are changing approaches to higher education and our workplaces—exploring how rethinking systems can enable cultures of inclusion and equity.

Team 1: Language Barriers in the Workplace

How might we create an inclusive workplace and promote career growth by addressing biases towards non-native English speakers?

Myeongeun Son

Seoul, Korea

I am a young graphic designer who is graduating Bachelor of Arts and design studies this Spring 2022 semester. Throughout my school projects and internship experiences, I have developed a deeper passion for design, and a stronger visual voice, and improved my problem-solving skills.

Halie Hershorn

Houston, United States

With 8 years of experience in a design-driven career (Interior Architecture), I have become proficient in client pitches, project research, design systems, space planning, visual design & collaboration with contractors and manufacturers. These skills were integral in my development & deep understanding of key UX processes including empathizing, content strategy, interaction design, information architecture, wireframes, visual design, and interactive prototypes.

Emely Lopez Prado

Alajuela, Costa Rica

I am a graphic design student. When I was in high school I was interested in politics, but at that time I was not really good at expressing myself in public, and that interest in social politics, made me discover UX — how design can actually be a great tool for transformation.

My mind is kind of a mess: being interested in human rights, studying feminism, and learning different realities from people from Costa Rica and Nicaragua — but all these topics somehow are necessary for design, so we can give voice to certain problems.

Team 2: Balancing the Work-Study Ecosystem

How might we enable student workers to maintain a healthier work and school balance?

Clare Witt

Tempe, United States

Hello, there my name is Clare Witt and I’m a current master’s student at ASU majoring in visual communications. I’m 24 years old and just moved across the country from North Carolina to Arizona. I grew up in Raleigh, NC, and played soccer and the way through college (goalie). I got my BFA in graphic design with a minor in studio arts. I’ve always had a passion for visual creations and can’t wait to be part of the design process.

Rebecca Farnsworth

Tucson, United States

I am a graphic designer studying at ASU. I work for the Luminosity lab at ASU where I have participated in designing the winning report for NASA’s Big Idea Competition, branded a military training landmine, and helped with the UI/UX design of an app developed for helping pharmacies in Ghana learn supply chain management. I also work with Educational Outreach on campus, designing collateral for events on campus. Outside of school and work I love spending time with my husband, being outside, and finding ways to express my creativity.

Yuxuan Hou

New York, United States

I am currently in my new chapter as a designer studying Interaction Design at the School of Visual Arts. I also have many diverse identities, dancer, hostess, urban planner, and lego fan. All these traits enable me to become a designer who would love to hear users’ stories and spark their desires for an ideal life. I am fascinated with social problem-solving by combining emerging technology and the physical world beyond a screen.

Team 9: Speak Up! Communication and Participation in Online Learning

How do we make students feel encouraged to participate and communicate in online learning?

Ratu Hati Wibawa

Jakarta, Indonesia

I am an interactive designer who believes good design is all about being smart, communicative, and beautiful. The name on my birth certificate is Ratu Hati Wibawa, but I like it better when my friends call me Ara. I was born and raised in Tangerang Selatan, Indonesia. I am currently a visual communication design undergraduate on my way to a UK university. I find Student design charette 2022 as my gateway to achieving meaningful impact through designing an application system. Thoughtful and unafraid, my work often discussed topics about people cantered design, emotions, and inclusivity where I approached design with a balance of strategic thinking and creative ideas.

Gulji Chung

Seoul, Korea

I’m a UX researcher and interaction designer based in South Korea. I’m currently studying for a Master of Fine Arts degree. I’m interested in universal design and AI ethics. I prefer to talk with visual methods and references, sometimes I draw quickly with my iPad. Also, I love to work out when I have break time and dog person. ( I raised a dog for 20 years!)

Team 14: Hiring Practices & Mental Health

The aim of our research is to understand how traditional, as well as Al hiring practices, have affected the mental well-being of job applicants, to be able to design a more user-centric hiring experience.

Ruth Tan Ying

London, United Kingdom

Hi there! I am Ruth — a User Experience and Service Design Postgraduate at Loughborough University :) I am an interaction designer who is currently still honing my skills, and I look forward to learning from all of you! I believe that my best skillsets are in communicating messaging and user research.

Vaishnavi Bachala

Milan, Italy

Hello, I’m Vaishnavi Bachala. You can call me Vaish. I am currently pursuing my Masters in Interaction Design from Domus Academy in Milan. Over the past five months as an Interaction Design Student, I have had the opportunity to work on two design projects in the areas of Tangible Interactions and Experience Design. Working on these projects made me realize that I have an affinity for User Research and User Interface Design.

Malak Sadek

London, United Kingdom

I am a PhD Candidate at the Dyson School of Design Engineering at Imperial College London. My PhD project looks at how diverse and interdisciplinary teams can collaboratively design artificial intelligence systems in order to make them more human-centered, value-sensitive, and inclusive. As we emerge from Covid-19, I’m very interested in how this concept of collaborative design can be extended to other domains as well, such as education, healthcare, or the workplace, to improve the experience and well-being of those using the resulting designs — and that’s what brought me to the program!

Team 17: Noon

How might we promote burnout awareness and prevention among personality-diverse tech employees while procuring an approachable, inclusive and supportive workplace?

Alison Oentoro

San Francisco, United States

My name is Alison, a product designer and student at the Academy of Art University (Class of 2023). I started my journey in design when I was working at a start-up focusing on the Indonesian creator space. Since working for multiple start-ups around the globe, I found my passion for product design and content creation as I document my journey in designing for the world. I have previously interned at Kreavi, Superworld, and Raytheon Technologies where I have built my skills in visual design, user experience, and user testing.

Hinal Chheda

San Francisco, United States

With an education in accounting and then in architecture, I bring along with me a blend of different perspectives and experiences.

I have a total of 4+ years of design experience. Currently, I am pursuing Masters in Interaction Design at California College of Arts, San Francisco. With a formal education in UX design, my goal is to provide value while creating pragmatic, empathetic experiences.

Carolina Avila Arias

Rome, Italy

I am a Product & Service Design grad student at Sapienza Universita di Roma. I’m working on my thesis about designing data-driven tools for Burnout syndrome prevention in early career professionals.

I come from a background in computer science and graphic design. Before my Master’s, I worked at McKinsey & Company as a Solution Delivery Analyst and Data Analyst. Thus I have a diverse skillset.

I like to think of UX design as my superpower for making technology accessible to those who have been excluded from it in the past: those with fewer resources, education, disabilities, and the elderly. I aspire to create, design, and lead tools that have a big impact on the life of those who need them most.

Born and raised in Costa Rica 🇨🇷 🌎 😊

The 2022 Student Design Charette is presented with the exclusive support of Amazon. Discover the many ways we are working together to help make Amazon an exciting and rewarding place to ply our creative trades on behalf of customers everywhere.




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