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Are you living up to your True Potential?

The time to take matters into your own hands and achieve financial independence is NOW

This is what IXFI, the new crypto trading platform is encouraging us to do with the platform’s recent global launch, through some wise words the team communicated with the world. The ideas that this is how things are and we can’t reach further, we don’t deserve more and we should be happy with what we do get is a plague of the mind, spreading from one individual to another until we look around us, like we can right now, and notice that none of us are thriving, everyone is barely hanging by a thread. IXFI aims to change that and to bring the power back in our hands by empowering us with the perfect tool to achieve everything we set out to achieve.

The first step is to change our harmful mindsets and believe in our own potential again.

Many of us grew up seeing the world as a fixed system, in which everyone has their own role. At least that’s what we perceived from the actions of the adults surrounding us, if they didn’t outright tell us.

Within these fixed roles we were fortunately ‘the child’, so not much responsibility or stress was pushed onto us, but despite that, we could catch little glimpses of the adults in our lives, in their daily routine, stressing incessantly about work and other responsibilities. Of course, we didn’t understand exactly what those were, but we certainly thought ‘who wants that?’. For a child, money is either something insignificant, or a joyous thing. No negative connotations are ever attached to it, because as a child you are not expected to bring any earnings to the table and it’s not a failure on your part if your family doesn’t eat tonight.

That’s exactly the reason why we were probably very optimistic about our financial futures while we were still in school. Trying to pick out our path, thinking about our future careers, studying hard to achieve the grades needed in order to be allowed to pursue our dreams. With all that effort wasted on these ideals, there’s no doubt that the real adult world hit many of us like a tsunami, destroying every preconceived notion about jobs, salaries, the financial system, the economy.

Because the truth is, making money is a struggle for most. The stress and anxiety of living paycheck to paycheck can even impact our self esteem and how we think of ourselves and our roles in this whole system. Well, the good news is, everything you’ve been told is a lie, or at least a delusion. This ‘fixed system’ with a clear and pre-established path that you shouldn’t stray from, the roles assumed by everyone in a society, these are all a collective delusion that serves no one.

The truth is, we are the masters of our own financial situations and there is absolutely no reason why you should abide by one single life path and career. In fact, recent studies show that people who are not adaptable to new information, learn new skills and express interest in new fields are being left behind and replaced by so-called ‘jacks-of-all-trades’. The human mind is a curious, complex and adaptable one, and dedicating our lives to one single thing will only bring us boredom, stagnation and frustration. That’s exactly why many creative and innovative individuals are starting to invest in crypto., because they understand this and are achieving their true potential. They think outside the box, and have realized that they can earn passively while finally having the time to actually live authentically, and there’s no reason for you not to be able to do that as well.

It’s time to leave barely surviving behind, and start thriving

With the launch of the new and innovative tool to help everyone achieve their financial independence, the team of IXFI have made their beliefs about this matter known, by sharing this invaluable wisdom with their current and future user through a manifesto ‘Thrive’.

This word is packed with meaning in a current world in which most are barely surviving financially, without being aware that there are better options. For many the purpose of living is just earning enough money to stay alive. Too few of us feel that we are fit for leading a financially stable life filled with purpose, with creativity, with comfort and dare I even say luxury.

But let’s be honest here. If we, as a species, advanced so much and achieved so much, why isn’t life easier for all of us? All this technology and innovation was created to serve us and we let others use and get rich from it while we continue with our 9 to 5 jobs, waiting for a little time off that lets us actually enjoy life. The truth is, we are simply not aware that the power to change our situations is out there, and we simply have to reach out and grab it.

So take this bold step with IXFI and let it empower you to start being in charge of your destiny.

Now is always the right time.




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