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Discover IXFI: How to Use the IXFI Wallet

ecause we know and respect that your time is valuable, IXFI makes it easy for you to purchase cryptocurrencies. However, learning how to store your cryptocurrencies securely and correctly requires you to put in some extra work, but it’s well worth the effort. First, you need to understand how crypto wallets work.

We can compare crypto wallets to online bank accounts, but for cryptocurrencies. Unlike bank accounts, they are not backed up by government deposit programs, only hold cryptocurrencies and grant you control over your funds.

Crypto wallets are digital storage that enables you to store cryptocurrencies and use them to conduct transactions.

With IXFI, you can perform multiple operations, including;

· You can see the names and details of the coins available for trading on the IXFI platform
· You have access to data on the amount in the trade as well as the total value of a specific coin in USD
· You can exchange the cryptocurrency in your trading account on the IXFI platform
· You can see the trading pairs for a specific coin and swap options
· You can use a particular coin on the list to deposit to your trading account

IXFI Wallet to Make Deposits

The process of depositing to your IXFI Wallet is straightforward and secure. Below are a few steps to undertake;

i). Login to your account on the www.ixfi.com landing page
ii). Select Wallet on the landing page
iii). Click on Deposit to fill in information such as the digital coin, the network to deposit to, and your address.
iv). Use the Filter button to see the transaction details
v). You can use the Export button to send the transaction details to your registered email address

IXFI Wallet for Withdrawals

The withdrawal process on the IXFI platform follows a similar process as Deposit. Here are some steps you can undertake to withdraw with the IXFI wallet.

i). Visit the www.ixfi.com browser and log in to your account
ii). Select Wallet on the landing page
iii). Click Withdraw to fill in details such as the coin, the network and Wallet address you are withdrawing to, and the amount. Remember to check your coin balance, the minimum and maximum amount, and the transaction fee to ensure that your withdrawal goes through.
iv). You can use the Filter button to see the transaction details and the Export button to send the transaction details to your registered email.

Checking your IXFI Wallet Balance

As an investor, it is crucial to monitor your funds. Checking your wallet balances helps you know the amount of funds available for trading, including buying, selling, or withdrawing. The IXFI wallet balance is determined by adding the sum of coins in the Wallet with BTC and USD. You can find the balance on the Wallet page once you log in to your IXFI trading account. You can also check a particular coin balance by selecting a specific coin on the Wallet page.

Checking IXFI Wallet History

Account history shows records of all activities that have taken place within your account. It helps you monitor the movement of your funds in and out of your account. The history on your IXFI Wallet displays the transaction details against each coin code in the IXFI platform in the Wallet, your activities of buying and trading crypto.

On your IXFI wallet page, you will see “view details” on the table showing your transaction. Click on it to expand the details, including the coin, date of transaction, type of transaction, the time you transacted, the base amount, send and destination addresses, network and transaction fees, the total amount, and the transaction status, which can be either completed, pending or failed.

Your IXFI Wallet Allows You to Swap or Convert Coins

The IXFI exchange platform allows you to exchange cryptocurrencies by either converting or swapping. The two terms can be mistaken to be similar, but they are different. While converting involves instant conversions of one crypto into another kind of token in seconds with zero fees, swapping involves exchanging one token with another at lower prices than the ones displayed on the IXFI exchange page.

To convert your crypto:

i. Log in to your IXFI trading account. On top of the landing page, click “Convert.”
ii. Select the crypto in the ‘You Sell’ field and enter the quoted amount to convert
iii. Select the crypto in the ‘You Receive’ domain which you want to convert
iv. Click on the Convert button

To Swap follow this process:

i). Login to your IXFI trading account and select “Swap” in the header
ii). Select the crypto token you want to swap in the ‘You Sell’ field and enter the quoted amount you’d like to swap
iii). Now, select the crypto that you want to swap in the ‘You Get’ field
iv). Click on the Swap button

The IXFI Wallet is designed in a way that allows you to carry out multiple functions to facilitate and monitor your activities. For more information on using your Wallet, check out the Help Center here or contact our customer service.



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