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Discover IXFI: The IXFI Affiliate Program

You have probably come across some social media influencers and other content creators marketing some products or services. Often they will tell their followers to click on a specific link to visit the brand’s official website or marketplace. That is because they are part of an affiliate program which is beneficial to them and to their followers as well.

Affiliate programs are part of what we call Affiliate Marketing and they involve a partnership between an affiliate and a business to promote the sale of a product. The company agrees to pay a commission to the affiliate for every sale they drive. The affiliate marketer has a unique link that helps track traffic directed to the site. The main advantage is that the right affiliate that shares a common interest or niche with their audience, can actually bring followers an opportunity to discover a new service or product that’s perfect for their needs.

If you have a sizeable following on social media, you can earn additional income through IXFI affiliate marketing. The program enables you to monetize your social media influence, where you are rewarded for onboarding users on the IXFI platform. With the IXFI affiliate program, you can create unique links to encourage your audience to register and trade on the IXFI exchange platform. You are automatically attributed as the referrer once anyone clicks the link and registers.

You are rewarded with a commission when a referee makes their first crypto deposit through the IXFI platform. However, it is critical to note that your rewards are only credited once the referees deposit funds and not upon registration. For example, you do not earn any commission if someone uses your link to register an IXFI trading account but does not deposit any funds.

The IXFI affiliate program is a marketing plan that benefits the influencer (you) and IXFI, as well as helping many discover the platform that meets their every need. As a result, several qualification requirements are put in place to ensure that the affiliates can deliver and earn the proposed rewards. Besides, there is always a risk that you might not get paid despite your efforts if you do not have sufficient influence to encourage your followers to register and invest in IXFI. Thus, the requirements ensure that only those with solid following join the program for maximum benefits.

You can apply for the affiliate program if you fall under the following categories:

· Accounts with more followers on social media
· Active communities with more members
· Business and organizations with larger user bases
· All media publishing sites

To apply for the IXFI affiliate program, log in to your IXFI trading account. Under ‘My Account,’ scroll down and click ‘Affiliate Program’ to expand the page and access more related functions. Follow the steps below to apply:

IXFI affiliate program team will review the details you provide to ensure you meet the criteria for approval. The status of your application will be communicated through an email upon review, indicating whether you qualify or not. If you are eligible, you will use the affiliate program dashboard.

In case your application gets rejected, you can re-apply once the countdown on your screen ends from Profile → My Account → Affiliate program banner.

Once your application is approved, your IXFI account provides the ability to use referral links. Share these links on all your social media platforms to encourage your followers to register and invest in crypto via the IXFI exchange platform.

The IXFI affiliate program allows you to earn commissions from default referrals or reward distribution plans.

In the default plan, the admin can set a total reward value of 20 USDT and assign 10 USDT to referees and 10 USDT to affiliates or any combination of the two.

The admin can create different reward distribution plans for certain well-performing affiliates and assign those plans to only specific affiliates with the specified distribution of rewards between the referee and the affiliate.

Most affiliate programs have some form of a dashboard that allows you to monitor the exact number of clicks and sales your affiliate links are generating — and how much you stand to earn after all the deals are closed and your payment is due.

IXFI has a similar affiliate dashboard that gives you access to various features. For instance, it shows you plan time, which can be either ‘Default’ or ‘Reward distribution.’ You also get access to the plan ID and access link.

i). Total conversions: shows a number of referees who joined using your affiliate link

ii). Total earnings: shows the amount you have earned through the affiliate program in USDT

iii). Unclaimed earnings: shows the amount you have earned through the program and have not transferred to your wallet

iv). Plan static chart: this is a graph detailing the number of users who joined through the default plan or a specific plan created by the admin.

v). Transfer to wallet transaction history: this section records the affiliate incomes you have transferred to your wallet and details of the time and date of the transactions.

So if you have a big following and you create crypto-related content, consider joining the IXFI Affiliate Program for special benefits for yourself and for your audience. You can always count on Your Friendly Crypto Exchange, IXFI.



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