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Discover IXFI: The IXFI Referral Program

Did you know you can make extra money, besides crypto trading, through the IXFI referral program?

Getting paid for referring people is one of the best ways to generate extra income because it is free and requires little to no effort on your part. You can share the link or the code with people you know or on your social media accounts to encourage people to sign up. Once they do, you earn some much-deserved rewards.

The IXFI referral program provides you with a default referral link that you can share with your friends, family, colleagues, or any other person interested in crypto trading to sign up to trade on IXFI. You automatically become a referrer once anyone uses your referral link to sign up, making you eligible for referral program benefits. For instance, referrals receive a commission based on the total fees charged by the referee for each crypto trade made on the IXFI platform. Referral rewards will be calculated based on the total fees of exchange.

How to Access Your Referral Link

Log in to your IXFI trading account and go to the “My Account” page. Scroll down and click on ‘Referral’ to expand the page for more functions. You will find your referral code, link, and the amount you will receive as a referrer (e.g., 20% of your referees’ total trade fees).

IFXI referral programs have various features that you can use to monitor the number of people using your link or code and the amount you earn. Let us go through the three most important features and what they mean to you as a referrer:

1) Total conversions: This feature shows you the number of people who joined the IXFI trading platform through your link. Monitoring the numbers helps you know your audience’s response and interest in crypto trading. For example, if the total conversions continuously increase, it is an indication that people are interested in crypto. On the other hand, if the numbers are low, you will know that your target audience is probably less interested in crypto trading. You can adopt measures such as providing information on cryptocurrencies to evoke curiosity and expand their knowledge that might translate to a desire to begin trading.

2) Total earnings: this section shows you data on the amount you have earned through the referral program in USDT. Note that you earn a commission when the referees trade on the platform, not upon registration.

3) Unclaimed earnings: this section shows the amount you have earned from the referral program but haven’t collected. For example, if more people use your link to join IXFI and trade after you have already made your first withdrawal (earned from a previous group of referees), the new commission earned from these new referees will be displayed in this section.

Other features you will see on your referral section are the following:

· Total conversions graph: this section shows the number of users who joined IXFI using your referral link or code with respect to time. It helps answer questions such as; did my referrals increase, decrease, or remain stagnant? You can use it to compare conversion rates within different periods, for example, how many people used your link in January compared to March.

· Revenue graph: this graph shows details on the number of earnings through your referral link with respect to USDT.

· Referral user list: this section provides details of people who joined IXFI using your link/code. It is displayed in the form of a table containing the date each referee joined, their username, and the amount you earned once they traded on IXFI.

· Referral claim history: this section records your reward amount claim history and collection dates.

Amount You Earn Depends on the Average USDT Balance. Earn up to 30%

We calculate your base commission based on the average USDT balance maintained. For example, if the USDT balance is greater than 2000 USDT, the base commission is 30%. For amounts less than 2000 USDT, the base commission is 20%. The rate is adjusted daily based on changes in the average USDT balance. One thing to note from these numbers is that you are more likely to earn a higher commission if your average daily balance is higher than 2000 USDT.

Your reward is calculated based upon the total fees of trade. Your referees must trade a certain amount on IXFI for you to earn the commission. Thus, if they only register but do not trade, you will not earn.

All referral commissions are calculated in real-time and displayed in your account’s Total Earnings and Unclaimed Earnings sections, respectively. There is no limit to the number of people a single account can invite; you can use this opportunity to make as much as possible with ease.

There’s always good news to look forward to when it comes to trading with IXFI. Spread the word to your friends, family and colleagues to ensure that you get the most of what the platform has to offer. Enjoy your rewards and become an even better trader with Your Friendly Crypto Exchange, IXFI.



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