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How Crypto Empowers Women to Break the Mold

Women in Crypto Series

Although girls and women around the world have constantly fought for their rights and freedom, in the last century especially, there is still a lot of work to be done in order to achieve true gender equality, especially when it comes to equal pay.

Groups considered to be “minorities” generally tend to struggle more financially due to fewer work opportunities or social conditioning. A good place to look for financial liberation is the crypto industry because blockchain technology doesn’t discriminate based on gender, age, race, sexuality or disability status.

Simply put, it doesn’t matter who you are, as long as you have access to technology and the necessary education behind trading, you’re set to succeed without the obstacles and setbacks that can affect you in other aspects of your life.

We at IXFI put our users at the forefront of every decision we make, to ensure that everyone has a fair chance at financial independence.

The month of March was an important time for celebrating the achievements of women everywhere. Not only was it International Women’s Day on March 8, but since 1987, March has been celebrated as Women’s History Month.

Despite March having passed, we at IXFI want to continue the trend of celebrating amazing women for their achievements, so this is the best time to continue cheering them on through our new series and show that women should be appreciated all year round, not just for a single month.

‘Women in Crypto’ is a series of articles focusing on female empowerment and women’s achievements and success in crypto investing, powered by IXFI.

This article marks the first in our series, so continue reading to find out more about how crypto empowers women to break the mold of financial dependence that has been controlling their lives.

We’ve come a long way since 1987, yet crypto has still fallen into many of the same patterns experienced by the tech and finance industries, right before our eyes. The fledgling industry has shown itself to be both very male-dominated, and male-centric as a result.

Here at IXFI, we want to highlight how crypto investing can make a difference in women’s lives.

Cryptocurrencies were founded on the concept of accessibility. Your gender or the color of your skin didn’t matter, crypto was an inclusive space where anyone could enter and be treated equally. So far so good, in recent years cryptocurrencies have been reaching younger investors as well as those in developing countries. Given that all you need to access these platforms is a mobile phone, anyone and everyone has been able to join the world of digital finance.

Historically, there have always been fewer women than men managing their finances freely and accessing financial services worldwide. Similarly, there have always been fewer women using the internet than men.

In many developing countries, women are still not permitted to seek employment outside of their family and domestic life. Those who do pursue employment may face punishment, going unpaid, or having their earnings confiscated by male relatives. By being paid with bitcoin, women can retain sole rights and access to their earnings.

A study conducted by the World Bank showed that 40% of women worldwide do not possess a bank account. Through crypto, women everywhere could be able to bypass this gatekeeping in pursuit of financial liberation and empowerment.

Like most things, it starts with education, and this is why we need to bring visibility to the topic. Women need to see examples of women succeeding in crypto in order to break down these barriers and be inspired.

When it comes to being a crypto beginner, even the terminology can be quite intimidating. There is still a steep learning curve to be overcome. Many women still don’t understand the first thing about this sector, and they are missing huge opportunities for the transfer and accumulation of wealth. This is why education is a key part of our platform here at IXFI, providing all our users with the resources they need to succeed.

Women remain a vastly untapped workforce. Giving women the tools they need to manage their own finances is just the first step in what can be a powerful journey towards financial empowerment.

Data has shown that there is a significant gender gap across other financial products such as stocks and bonds. Women everywhere still struggle to access capital in the same ways as their male counterparts. With cryptocurrencies, women can access microloans in minutes via the internet or their mobile phone. This is leading to a surge in female entrepreneurship and female-owned businesses all over the world.

Remittance is another key aspect of the finances of women today. Remittance refers to the process of sending earnings back to family members or a country of origin. The remittance industry is thought to generate over $400 billion annually in the US alone, with most funds directed to the Philippines and Mexico. These transfers can incur delays as well as lofty charges, and often face legal complications. With blockchain technology, these transfers would face fewer charges and be more secure. Women are often on the receiving end of these remittances but are also just as likely to be the ones sending them.

So you see, crypto has the power to make a difference in the lives of women everywhere, allowing them to manage their own finances, support their families and start their own enterprises. By removing some of the barriers to wealth the possibilities for women everywhere truly become endless thanks to blockchain technology.

Regardless of whether you identify as a woman or not, the crypto industry is your best path towards a better, decentralized future, where the power is back in the hands of the people.

If you’re unsure when the best time is to start heading towards a financially independent future, the answer is “right now”. Start your own trading journey with Your Friendly Crypto Exchange and enjoy the advanced, secure and reliable features we put at your fingertips.

Disclaimer: The content of this article is not investment advice and does not constitute an offer or solicitation to offer or recommendation of any investment product. It is for general purposes only and does not take into account your individual needs, investment objectives and specific financial and fiscal circumstances.

Although the material contained in this article was prepared based on information from public and private sources that IXFI believes to be reliable, no representation, warranty or undertaking, stated or implied, is given as to the accuracy of the information contained herein, and IXFI expressly disclaims any liability for the accuracy and completeness of the information contained in this article.

Investment involves risk; any ideas or strategies discussed herein should therefore not be undertaken by any individual without prior consultation with a financial professional for the purpose of assessing whether the ideas or strategies that are discussed are suitable to you based on your own personal financial and fiscal objectives, needs and risk tolerance. IXFI expressly disclaims any liability or loss incurred by any person who acts on the information, ideas or strategies discussed herein.



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