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How the Blockchain and AI Can Be Used to Predict Crop Growing Patterns

Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers groundbreaking solutions for the crop and agriculture industry. It can help predict crop growing patterns and improve climate change.

The impact of AI and blockchain in agriculture

Food security affects over 100 million people around the world and the number continues to rise as the population level increases. The Food and Agriculture Organization says that food production in the world needs a 70% rise by 2050 to feed everyone. One of the main reasons behind the lack of productivity is the level of crop yield in certain areas. To solve this problem, crop patterns and food distribution need help.

AI and blockchain are among the technologies used to improve industries around the world, including the agriculture industry. Blockchain technology uses high-tech AI to help the agricultural industry measure data such as predicting the best time to sow.

How Blockchain and AI Help Agriculture

Helping to predict sow time

The best timing of sowing can be determined by the use of data and predictive analytics tools. Once data has been compiled, crops can be sowed at a time that will provide maximum yield. More yield will lead to more food being produced.

Helping soil health

In addition to the prediction of crop times, the data collected by AI can even show the best recommendations for soil fertilizer. It is said that IoT sensors — devices that are used in the soil itself — can monitor crop fields and soil health and even make adjustments to ensure that crops stay healthy. It, therefore, leads to healthy crops for consumption.

Blockchain helps the storage of data

Blockchain technology ensures that everyone has access to secure records and data. The technology can be used to track crop records, as well as food from grocery stores. Along with helping to track data, it creates transparent records — reducing political issues that may arise that may affect crop growth and the distribution of food around the world. Blockchain is just a more secure and faster solution to keep track of data.

Helping to identify areas that prevent crop growth

Blockchain can be used to track data or the origins of a crop field, its health, and transportation. All of these factors affect growth. A disease outbreak that is caused by food, for example, will lead to a delay in crop growth and loss of business for the agricultural sector. Blockchain can quickly identify areas that are affecting crop growth so that issues can be taken care of and crop development can go on without delay.

The future of blockchain and AI in agriculture

AI and blockchain technology are not only able to help businesses and investors gain more profit, but can also lead to more food production and less food insecurity around the world. This technology can potentially help reach the 70% increase that the world needs by 2050. For the technology to be successful, it needs support in the form of funds and investors, and for the agricultural sector to use more of it. More business investors are needed to fund these technologies and ensure their success. Companies and individuals who use AI and blockchain will be doing their part in helping to improve crop yields around the world.

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