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Is Decentralization the Death of Gender Bias?

The world of decentralization was previously seen to be male-dominated but women are taking back their power. More women are investing in cryptocurrency and getting involved in blockchain technology than ever before. Decentralization brings on many opportunities to empower women globally. It is helping women reach their financial goals and providing them with equal access and opportunities in the growing Web3 world. Here is how decentralization is helping us with the fight against gender bias.

Decentralization and gender bias — the stats

Even though the number of women involved in crypto has increased from 2021, there is data that shows that only 12% of Ether traders and 15% of Bitcoin traders are women. Decentralization plays an important role in the Web3 world. Deloitte estimates that 10% of global GDP by 2025 will be from blockchain technology and decentralized applications alone. The stats emphasized the importance of women getting involved in crypto and blockchain technology as we move towards a decentralized world.

Decentralization provides equal opportunities

The best way to fight gender bias is to create equality for both sexes. Decentralization achieves this. Certain sections of society and history have not permitted women equal access to capital and financial resources. Decentralization, however, is a free and open technology system that paves the way for inclusivity around the world. Women have access to exciting opportunities that can secure their futures.

Not only does decentralizing finance provide equal opportunities and access to resources, but it also helps women to become successful entrepreneurs in their fields. Women still earn less than men in the USA. With decentralized technology, they are provided with the same playing field as their male counterparts, allowing them to boost their income for their businesses.

How decentralization empowers women

Here are more ways that decentralization provides equality and empowers women:

1. Blockchain technology tackles issues affecting women

The technology used in blockchain helps to tackle issues affecting women around the world such as income inequality and safety issues. By tackling these issues, women are released from hurdles that prevent them from reaching their financial and personal goals. An example of the blockchain technology that helps women include applications that allow women to access micro-loans to help secure their businesses. Decentralized blockchain technology enables women to safely transfer money to help other women in need.

2. Decentralised programs that help educate women

Not a lot of women in disadvantaged communities have access to education. It is also said that a lot of women do not get involved in crypto due to a lack of knowledge. There is an increasing number of organizations and communities empowering women through education and mentoring programs to help them to get involved in investing and blockchain technology. By doing so, they empower women and help them to create financial opportunities.

3. It helps to fund women-owned businesses

In a world where women get paid less, it may be hard to start a new business, especially for disadvantaged communities. Decentralized platforms and cryptocurrencies help women access opportunities and funding for their businesses.

Decentralization has shown women that there are no barriers to the limits they can reach. There are more and more women helping to put an end to gender bias by playing their role in creating a more decentralized and inclusive world. Through education programs, mentoring, investing, and creating more opportunities for women to get involved, we can ensure that decentralization wins the fight against gender bias.

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