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IXFI and Transak: Great platforms are a result of great partnerships

Fiat-to-crypto deposits are now even easier thanks to IXFI’s new collaboration with Transak, a leading developer integration that allows users to buy crypto directly on the IXFI platform.

Keeping it user-friendly

Being a friendly crypto exchange means more than offering a variety of available coins and pairs. It also means allowing users to enjoy the act of trading, without having to worry about tedious transaction processes or high fees.

Integrating suitable solutions

The IXFI ecosystem is ever-expanding and we constantly integrate new solutions to make crypto transfers more accessible for every user. This goal is made possible by creating lasting partnerships with the right service providers in the crypto industry, like Transak.

Why Transak?

Transak is one of the leading platforms in its field that easily allows users to buy crypto by using fiat, and through this integration, IXFI users can enjoy even better rates and faster services, while being able to simply add funds to the IXFI wallet via debit and credit card as well as SEPA/Bank transfer.

Here’s how it works

Don’t worry, it’s not complicated at all. For a step-by-step guide, you can find all the information you need for buying crypto through Transak in our help center.

Join IXFI to begin your unique journey

Your Friendly Crypto Exchange is the perfect place to start out your journey as a trader, due to the user-friendly interface, secure transfers, low fees, education-focused ecosystem and high-end service partners.

Register now on IXFI, complete a quick KYC and buy crypto with the help of Transak in just a few minutes.



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