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The Crypto Journey

Who likes crypto and Who doesn’t

In this current article I would like to invite you to a journey through the land of the crypto-lovers and then make a visit also to the realm of those who don’t like crypto.

On January 3rd, 2009, the world changed. It is in that day, when Bitcoin came into existence, and consequently, this event has split the modern age in two: BB (Before Bitcoin) and AB (After Bitcoin). We could also say that in that day, the crypto era has started — even if for a few years, bitcoin (BTC) was the only cryptocurrency available.

Starting with 2011, more and more cryptocurrency was created, with various names, properties and use cases — but all of them were derived from the original bitcoin.

So, what you will read below is a collection of people & organizations that adopted this form of electronic money, and also some examples of people & organizations that were not “charmed” by the newly discovered e-currency.

Who likes crypto?

Tesla, the American electric car manufacturer likes crypto, because it has offered, at one point in time, the possibility to buy its vehicles and services with Bitcoin payment. It was a short window of just a few months, but it was well appreciated by the public. According to several online news publications, there are chances that this window of opportunity will open again, sometime in the (near) future. Also, Elon Musk, the owner of Tesla Inc and recently declared the richest person in the world (as of Nov-2021) has mentioned on several occasions that he has crypto in his portfolio.

Just a few days ago, a famous sports arena from downtown Los Angeles (Staples Center Arena) has announced that it will change its name to Crypto.com Arena. For the next 20 years, the home of several local sport teams (Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Clippers, Los Angeles Kings, Los Angeles Sparks), will have a new name, very clearly linked to the crypto world. And it all starts this year on Christmas day.

Last month, another big event took place and set a new milestone in crypto history: the first bitcoin-linked ETF was listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). This action is a proof that “big players” from the finance world have started to acknowledge the huge potential of crypto and they have actually done something about it! In my eyes, this is a small but groundbreaking step towards the acceptance of cryptocurrency in mainstream finance systems.

There are places in the world, especially in the United States of America, where the taxes can be paid with bitcoin. This is currently valid only for businesses, but a similar initiative also for private citizens is in the making. That’s a very good initiative!

Speaking of good initiatives, I would like to highlight the fact that this year (2021) has marked the start of big crypto conferences for corporations — this is a clear signal that the crypto world is becoming more and more interesting and valuable. And not only for companies, also for regular people: 12 000 regular people met this summer in Miami, at the biggest bitcoin conference ever held until now.

The last entry on my list here, I believe is also the most powerful: only a few months ago, a country has decided to accept bitcoin as legal currency. This country is El Salvador and there are also plans to build a “Bitcoin City” and issue a “Bitcoin Bond”.

Who doesn’t like crypto?

The use and acceptance of crypto throughout the globe covers all possible scenarios: from countries that encourage the use and the mining, to countries that, for whatever reason, have restricted the usage or have just banned it entirely.

So, before engaging into crypto activities, we should know what are the local laws regarding crypto. This is somehow ironic, because the main characteristic of cryptocurrency is the fact that it is not regulated by a third party — however, its usage can be controlled and in worst cases, banned completely.

Just like for any controversial concept, there are people that like crypto, and there are people that don’t like it. These latter ones often say that “it has no value by itself” or that “it is a bubble waiting to burst” or that “is just something on a computer screen”. Well, they must have forgotten that also today’s money are more and more visible only on our computer screens and recently on our smartphones’ screens.

There are others who say that the dark side of the crypto enthusiasm is the high consumption of power, which is needed by the miners, when creating new crypto.

Another category of people that don’t particularly like crypto, are the occasional opportunists — individuals that have done two or more major investing mistakes at the same time. They have invested all of their money in crypto-something without knowing how that specific instrument works, without having a back-up solution and hoping that by a magic spell, and simply overnight, they would just become rich! Of course, this did not happen and of course, they will yell very loudly that crypto is not good. Nothing isn’t good until you understand how it works. Remember this.

It’s obvious that crypto is a big deal, a big topic, a big everything … whatever you would call it, it’s big. That’s why it is a good idea to know a little bit about it. If you want just a little bit, this article that you have just finished reading, should be sufficient. But if you want to know more, I strongly recommend visiting www.ixfi.com and digest all information available on that platform.

IXFI is the most compact Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform, and it gives you the opportunity to trade crypto with minimum risk for maximum rewards — or if you prefer, to buy/sell crypto with FIAT money. It also includes 24/7 multi-language support, a newsletter and, of course, mobile apps for both android and iOS.

So, if you are looking for a place to start your crypto journey, you might just as well start it with IXFI.


Article written by Aurel Rusu — founder of investeo.ro




IXFI is the first crypto trading platform that serves as a complete alternative to banks. We designed IXFI with one goal in mind: to meet our users’ needs and expectations.

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